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With two timelessly sexy fonts cradling Schiller’s entrance, you’ve got a photo op before you even get inside. (There are plenty more in there too, don’t worry). 

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Nom Wah Tea Parlor

Perfectly weathered, the Nom Wah Tea Parlor sign feels trustworthy. Its vintage feel suggests that it already knows you’re going to have a great time in here.  

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Egg Shop

We feel like we’re friends with this sign. If it’s possible that a font can raise spirits, we’ve found a winner at Egg Shop.

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Dirty French

Yes neon, yes. While a perfectly crafted light serves to simply identify the space, it can also add a sense of mystery or even mischief, as this hot pink beauty certainly does. 

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American Two Shot

This font is so good we wish it was a default on Google Chrome. 

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Beauty & Essex

It’s almost as if we’re being pulled in closer by each individual bulb. What is it about this method of lighting that captivates the onlooker so completely? That little something nostalgic is what earned this sign a spot on our list. 

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Grady’s Cold Brew

Hooray for color! The sign makes as bold of a statement on the street as it does on the shelf, standing out among quiet signs and forgettable labels. 

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Happy Bones

This sign seems to do the impossible by perfectly marrying minimalism with an industrial touch. 

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Pizza Loves Emily

Another perfect neon moment, Emily’s sign is so striking that it doesn’t need to be huge to stand out. (Also if you’re planning to be in Brooklyn soon, this place is a must-try!). 

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Saturday’s Surf NYC

Sometimes a sign is just the coolest ever. If this doesn’t inspire your next custom stationery purchase, we don’t know what will.

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Refinery Hotel

Sometimes you’ve gotta look up. This sign plays with size in a really successful way, evoking a modern feeling without seeming the least bit forced or cheesy. 

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Spanjer Signs

How can we have a sign story without an actual sign company in it? Bonus points for the use of not one but two ridiculously cool fonts. Anyone else get a Wes Anderson vibe here? 

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Russ & Daughters

Apart from looking and feeling very old New York, the Russ & Daughters sign is one that looks as good during the day as it does at night–not an easy feat for neon. 

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Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop

The clean, easy-on-the-eyes feeling of Tiny’s minimalist font makes you want to go home and organize things. 

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Roberta’s font and even the unimposing size of the restaurant’s sign gives you the feeling that you’re welcome, almost as if you’re going home. 

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