Welcome to The Deep Dive, a series in which we search high and low for the best of the best in any decor-related category, from modern chandeliers to vintage rugs. Next up: laundry hampers.People who live in cramped spaces have enough problems without also having to deal with an ugly laundry hamper. It’s a catch-22: If you relegate it to your closet, it takes up valuable floor space. If you choose to leave it out, it’s an instant eyesore—and in a small room, everything is just that much more visible. It’s time to ditch the plastic bin you’ve used since your dorm room days and invest in something you won’t be embarrassed to display. 

These 20 picks have you covered: 


A textured touch for a lonely corner. Go for the lime green one if you’re not afraid of a little color. 


Yes, you read that right: These hampers are made with washable paper. The crinkly finish is a fun twist. 


You can’t go wrong with a canvas laundry hamper. For the lucky souls who actually have a laundry room (what luxury!), consider the industrial basket on wheels.  


The über-minimalist’s dream. When it comes to these simple wire baskets, utilitarian can be chic. 


Any of these timeless bamboo silhouettes will stick around for many years (and laundry loads) to come. 

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