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by Michelle Gage

Graduation is an exciting time in any collegiate’s life. Leaving college means you are no longer living in that little bubble where all you do is study and party. Now it’s real life. While we believe all stages of your life are equally as real, we know that you need to prepare for them. Set yourself up for success with seventeen finds to get your grown up home off to a great start. Trust us, they will get tons of use – whether you know it now or not!

It’s no longer acceptable to keep those dirty clothes stashed in the furthest corner of your room. Store the mess with style, in this citrine striped basket. Once this lightweight hamper starts to allow clothes to spill over, that’s your indication it’s time to…you know, wash your clothes.

You are going to be doing a lot of cooking and baking – so you will need the proper bowls for it. Keep this colorful collection of various sized bowls in your kitchen cabinets. With a wide variety of sizes, you are guaranteed to always have the best one for the job!

Fresh towels are everyone’s friend. Get some clean white ones in your bathroom cabinet today. You may be increasing the amount of white loads you will do, but it will be worth it, particularly when guests come over.

A messy house is not an option. Keep yours fresh and clean with a sophisticated, effective bathroom cleaner that has packaging cute enough you won’t mind if it’s left out by accident.

You will be changing your sheets more often in your new life. Get on a weekly schedule with these clean whites. A second set of sheets is a new necessity.

Get ready to change your own bulbs! Living on your own means tackling the tiny chores. This totally easy task is worth doing yourself. It takes just as long to change a bulb as it does to call your landlord.

Keep your coat off the floor – and the coats of your guests. Having a housewarming party? Practice these keywords, “can I take your coat?” Hang everything up and off of the floor, rather than just tossing it on the sofa.

This set of coasters totally vibes with your new cool-girl apartment. This golden coaster collection is seriously sophisticated. Avoid the dreaded coffee table rings with this fab find.

Sleeping through a couple of classes may sink your grade. Hitting snooze too many times and letting down your boss and your team may result in you losing your job. Make sure you are always on time with a stylish alarm clock.

Meals don’t come with plastic utensils anymore. Know why? Because you are making them yourself! The dining hall is closed. Get yourself some seriously cool stemware. Your kitchen drawers will never know what hit them.

Dressing your dinner is what adults do. Mix oil and vinegar on your Saturday salad. Even if you are still a frequent reader of the takeout menu, you can still sit these on your stove and appear to have it all together.

You will start valuing your privacy a lot more – especially when your home now has furniture that costs more than ten bucks. Cover those windows with some basic color blocked curtains. This option gives you both color and privacy. It’s time to dress your space with the items the dorm room forgot.

Paper plates and bowls had their time and place. Now that you are living in the real world, you need some sturdy dinnerware. These ikat bowls certainly do the trick! Don’t worry, you can still eat cereal for dinner now and then, we won’t tell!

While your new pad may be larger than your dorm room, it’s likely still on the smaller side. Some extra pops from colorful poufs not only provide style, but also seating. When hosting brunch turns into a late night pizza party, scoot one of these over in front of the TV. They also double as ottomans for those Sunday afternoons spent binge-watching.

Create separate zones for on your bathroom sink. Sharing is caring! Add a little height to your storage situation with this sleek organizational mirror. This option gives you a designated placed for lip gloss, dental floss, and bobby pins.

Sometimes we need a clock that isn’t on our phones, amiright? A home with a proper wall clock is a complete one, plus you’re guaranteed to have an accurate time reading if the power goes out or your phone dies.

A little design help goes a long way. Get your place in order with the help of domino Design Services. This budget-minded design service can really get your space in shape. Ensure that you’re selecting the right sofa with the help of a skilled interior designer at a truly affordable price!