Published on May 27, 2015

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the best bridal shower games

In the midst of all the stresses of wedding planning, a bridal shower can be a saving grace. The time to sit back, relax, and have fun with friends and family. Take a peek at a few of our favorites.

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fun favors

An adult-friendly pinata is just what every bridal shower needs. Fill it with little gifts and goodies, and get ready to strike!
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x marks the spot

While the bride-to-be is busy opening her gifts, keep the guests entertained with a round of bridal bingo!
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a touch of nostalgia

Take a trip down memory lane. Create a picture board with photos from the bride’s life and have guests guess how old she is in each.
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getting inspired

Have guests jot down their favorite date night ideas for the happy couple to enjoy after tying the knot.

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girl’s night in

Skip the salon and opt for a DIY station instead.
Stock the at-home nail bar with fresh polish and all
the makings for a mani-pedi.
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remember when…

Have guests write down their favorite memory with the guest of honor and watch her attempt to guess who wrote it. This game is sure to provide a few good laughs!

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who said it?

Give the bride and groom a list of questions to fill out ahead of the party. On the day of the shower, read the answers aloud and have the guests hold up a mustache if they believe the groom said it, or lips if they think it was the bride. Some of the answers may surprise you!
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recipes for success

Set out wooden spoons and sharpies, and have guests jot down their best relationship advice to share with the happy couple!

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an age-old tradition

No bridal shower is complete without this classic game. Split guests into teams and have them designate a model. Then, let them go to work creating their best wedding dress designs from toilet paper. Once complete, the bride becomes the judge and chooses her favorite!