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text by     SHANI SILVER
photography by     HANNAH SUH

If the notion of a typical bridal shower doesn’t ignite your desire to rsvp, you’re in good company. Or too much company. Indulge for a moment in the idea if the micro-shower. A very intimate, but still beautifully styled and thought out, gathering of dear friends to celebrate one of life’s most bottle-pop-worthy occasions. This floral-focused fête brought four friends together for some truly quality time with a bride-to-be. Below, we chat with the event’s stylist, Rebekah Carey, of a&b creative, to learn how to make a small bridal shower come to life.

WHAT DO YOU SEE AS THE GREATEST ADVANTAGE TO KEEPING CELEBRATIONS LIKE THIS INTIMATE? A major advantage to intimate celebrations is that you don’t have to feel rushed or pressured to spend a particular length of time with each guest. When it’s a smaller gathering you automatically get time with each person to really visit and feel like you enjoyed quality time with everyone by the end of the event.

WHAT WAS THE PRIMARY INSPIRATION FOR THE DECOR? We decided to host this shower right around Valentine’s Day, so we made it ultra-feminine and beautiful. Plus, when the bride is a floral designer, flowers are going to be a key part of the design!

WHAT IS ONE SHOWER COMPONENT READERS SHOULD NEVER SKIP, EVEN WITH A MINI-GUEST LIST? Personally, I think games should always be at showers. Now, that doesn’t mean every bridal shower needs to make toilet paper wedding dresses, but some kind of game (even as simple as blind taste tests for wine or chocolate) bonds the guests and it’s a great way to break the ice if all the guests don’t know each other yet.

WHAT IS ONE PARTY PLANNING MISTAKE YOU’VE MADE IN THE PAST THAT YOU’LL NEVER MAKE AGAIN? One big party planning mistake I’ve learned from is not giving yourself enough time to prep. It’s not fun to be running around unshowered in your athleisure ten minutes before the party starts. Which goes hand-in-hand with the second part of that which is to know when to ask for help!

WHAT WAS THE BEST REACTION YOU HEARD TO THIS EVENT? The best compliment you can get is that your guests had a great time! We were all laughing and enjoying yummy bites and drinks and felt like we all got to know each other better by the end of the afternoon.

Calligraphy and Floral Design:
Aubriana Kasper, The Bloomery Co
Styling and event design:
Rebekah Carey, a&b creative Styling Assistant:
Delaney Lundquist
Paper products:
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