Published on February 7, 2018

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With the overwhelming number of studies reporting on the negative effects technological devices have on our sleep, it has been an uphill battle in removing said blue-light devices from the bedroom. For those whose lives heavily rely on their smartphones (personally speaking here) taking a break from them can be quite the challenge—especially when it comes to bedtime.

It’s a practice readily recommended by most wellness and sleep experts but what happens when they double as our alarm clocks? While keeping them on the other end of a room may seem like a great idea, practically speaking, no one wants to make their way across their room mid-slumber, just to turn it off. 

Luckily, we can throw it back to the good old days, where alarms came in the form of a compact clock, with a single element of functionality: to wake us up. In this vein, we set out to uncover the most style-focused options on the market, which are just as reliable as your smartphone. Take a look. 

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Photography by NEWGATE

Echo – Charlie Bell, Newgate, $30.63

Aside from the absolutely dreamy color palette (dubbed “Marshmallow Pink”), this vintage-esque alarm clock is one we can definitely see us having on our nightstands. Featuring a modern graphic dial, it also boasts a reduced ticking noise—and we can definitely get behind that.

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Photography by NEED SUPPLY

Travel Alarm Clock in Black, Braun, $50

Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you should forgo your newfound habit of banishing your smartphone from the bedroom. This travel-friendly alarm clock is about as compact as they come and even features a flip-down lid with a handy timezone map. With a motion-activated snooze function and crescendo alarm, this one is about as trusty as they come.

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Victrola Retro Chrome Digital Alarm Clock, Urban Outfitters, $38

Not ready to go completely analog? This chrome-finish alarm is just the thing. The plug-in clock boasts a retro-inspired finish that is coupled with a digital display to help bridge the gap between the old and the new.  

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Photography by MOMA

Braun Analog Alarm Clock, MoMA, $40

Featuring a spring switch, located at the top of the clock, utilized to activate the light and snooze function, this streamlined alarm is all about combining form and function. 

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Arne Jacobsen Alarm Clock, Schoolhouse Electric, $129

Designed by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen, this luxe alarm features a modern palette married with traditional design, which results in a timeless finish. Its old-school bell alarm is complemented by an LED touch sensor, which allows for visibility in the nighttime. 

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Photography by GEORG JENSEN

HK Clock with Alarm, Georg Jensen, $145

Contemporary minimalism is at the core of the design of this sleek piece, which is decidedly just as practical as it is luxurious. Boasting Henning Koppel’s ingenious design, its a welcome departure from the classic alternative. 

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Photography by CB2

Cubic Alarm Table Clock, CB2, $39.95

This one’s all about the details with a hint of vintage charm. Brass hands coupled with a gray-and-black cube design earmark this alarm as a must-have for the mid-century modern-enthusiast.

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Photography by EBAY

Analog Wooden Clock Alarm, eBay, $20.40

Streamlined, minimalist, and beautifully understated, we love this one for both its compactness and chic wooden frame. The added bonus? It’s also ultra travel-friendly. 

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Photography by HOUZZ

Equity by La Crosse Electric Analog Alarm Clock, Houzz, $12.99

If simplicity is the name of your game, look no further than this analog alarm. With glowing hands, for easy, nighttime visibility, and a loud beep in place of the alarm, this one is all about the less-is-more. 

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