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Photography by STORY

By now we know that a strategically placed houseplant can instantly elevate the design of your home, but what about the non-design-related benefits of living with plants?

This evening, join our Editor-in-Chief Jessica Romm as she leads a discussion with plant experts Eliza Blank of The Sill and Suzie Kondi of Fat Plant that celebrates the use of fresh ingredients at home and the importance of wellness that starts with your surroundings. The event runs from 6:30pm to 8:00pm and is hosted at Story, a concept shop currently featuring products from Jet.com.

Designed to look like a carefully-curated magazine, Story changes its items every four to eight weeks, and the latest iteration, Fresh Story, features products from Jet.com ranging from beauty items to kitchen tools, each with a culinary connection. The shop also hosts weekly events like tonight’s “Fresh, Inside + Out with Domino Magazine” that focus on different aspects relevant to the store, such as beauty, food, decor, and wellness.

Photography by CODY GUILFOYLE

And in terms of incorporating wellness in your home via natural items, who better to turn to than two women who have made plants their profession?

Eliza Blank created The Sill as a resource for all things plant-related. Founding her company on the knowledge that indoor plants have real benefits for your health, such as reducing stress and helping to keep the air you breath clean, Blank and the team at The Sill are experts when it comes to everything from caring for your plants to choosing the right plant for your space.

Australian designer Suzie Kondi knows a thing or two about innovative plant decor. As the founder of Fat Plant, Kondi creates beautiful centerpieces made from rustic wooden bowls that are filled with succulents (check them out above). She knows firsthand the importance of integrating greenery into your life, and seeks to strike a balance between living in the city and enjoying nature through her designs. “I wanted to create something inviting for my house that would communicate the power and beauty of the outdoors, but would require minimal maintenance,” says Kondi of the inspiration behind Fat Plant.

Photography by STORY

To learn more about the wellness benefits of keeping fresh, natural ingredients in your space, RSVP to the event here. If you can’t make it IRL, you can join via Facebook Live. See you tonight!

Fresh, Inside + Out with Domino Magazine will be hosted on Wednesday, June 7 from 6:30-8 p.m. at 144 10th Avenue and 19th Street.

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