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produced by ANNA KOCHARIAN photos courtesy of  BAE MOMBAERS

As far as bed and breakfasts go, there’s the usual run-of-the-mill spots – converted estates and farmhouses, to name a few – and then, there’s this. Situated in a quaint town in Belgium, this stunning space was transformed into a style-filled B&B, inspired by the decades between the 50s and the 80s. Dubbed as a crossover between “a Dutch farm house with a touch of English cottage” this vintage meets industrialized space taught us a thing or two about decorating a space. Here’s what we learned:

  1. There is no right way to color block a wall. Proven by the exclusive palette of white and a select handful of grays.
  1. There’s a new way to do the gallery wall.Reinvent yours with a clustered display of prints and photographs, set in identical frames.
  1. It’s okay to get creative with the seating. Case in point? This architecturally structured seating arrangement that is pure artistic perfection.
  1. a wall-to-wall bookshelf installation isn’t complete without an eye-catching work of art. Break up the linear components of straightedge titles with vibrant wall art.
  1. minimalism is in. An intricately bold bathroom tile surround makes it completely acceptable to furnish a room with little else.
  1. Saturate the contemporary space with a varied palette of bright reds. Pairing polished concrete flooring with wooden wall panels, can instill a warming essence to an otherwise exclusively modern aesthetic.