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by Allison Duncan

When we heard that BaubleBar was planning to launch its first-ever home decor collection in partnership with Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam, we knew the pieces would be #SOdomino. Our suspicions were confirmed once we had a look at the limited-edition collection of gorgeous bookends, planters, jewelry storage and more that is set to launch here on October 20th.

We spoke to BaubleBar co-founder and co-ceo Daniella Yacobovsky and Gal Meets Glam founder Julia Engel about the inspiration behind the collaboration and how they’d style the pieces in their own homes — hint, hint: jewelry is still a part of the BaubleBar heart. “I really love how the pieces feel like an extension of BaubleBar in that they are accessories for your home,” says Yacobovsky.

AGATE BOOKENDS, $85 The Agata Bookends, in shades of turquoise and fuchsia, are an easy way to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral landscape. The texture also adds dimension to traditional shelving and adds weight to the pieces so they’ll hold up against even the toughest of displays.

“I do have a favorite piece from the collection,” says Yacobovsky. “I absolutely love the Agate Bookends! I only read books digitally (I am perpetually conserving space in my NYC apartment) so I might have to go get some display pieces so I can put those babies to use.”

PUCKER UP WALL PRINT, $32 We love the idea of adding personality to a room with wall art that is a reflection of the homeowner’s tastes – whether you love beauty, love lipstick or even just love kissing, this print is for you.

“I think the lipstick-print piece is #SOdomino,” says Yacobovsky. “It is that perfect blend of whimsical and spunky and such a fun desktop addition.”

BUNNY GLASS DISPLAY CASE, $36 BaubleBar x Gal Meets Glam’s Bunny Ears Ring Holder is a modern iteration of the classic dome display case but in a neutral tone so it is easily incorporated into most homes, regardless of the current decor scheme.

“I think many of the pieces are #SOdomino,” says Engel. “They all have a very fresh, modern take on feminine pieces for the home. The bunny ears picture frame and glass ring holder have a very Domino feel to them, taking classic designs and switching them up to create something unique and fun!”

STRIPED JEWELRY BOX, $48 According to Yacobovsky, the single biggest question that BaubleBar receives across all of its channels is how to store jewelry beautifully. With Engel being a longtime fan of the brand and a jewelry aficionado, the partnership was a no-brainer and was a natural evolution in bringing the concept to life.

“As you can imagine, I have a lot of jewelry at home,” says Yacobovsky. “So I love the idea of organizers that display my collection and make it incredibly easy to sift through the full collection. I get ready each morning at a small vanity, and the open frame gold organizers look gorgeous tucked between a picture frame or two. I am keeping two organizers mixed in with other desktop accessories so my morning routine is easy and beautiful.” Engel looked toward her personal style to find inspiration for the collection, designing feminine pieces that are timeless but still feel both playful and versatile.

“I would have to say my favorite pieces are the jewelry display holders,” says Engel. “For the longest time, I’ve had to use makeshift displays to hold my jewelry because I could never find something that was pretty enough to sit on my dresser. We’ve created pieces that are both aesthetically appealing and functional at the same time, which is a win-win!”

POTS & PLANTERS Bring life to your home by adding greenery, and no longer resort to stark, brown pots with the addition of BaubleBar x Gal Meets Glam planters in effervescent shades of silver and mint green.

“Julia did an exceptional job putting together pieces that are a great mix of fashionable and functional,” says Yacobovsky. “I think showing that off is an important part of how I think about incorporating them.”

Engel was redecorating her home while designing the collection so she created pieces that she knew she’d love to include in her own home in the hopes that others would feel the same.

“Pieces like the bookends, planters and picture frame make great accessories to a bookshelf or living room area,” says Engel. “I strongly believe that accessories play a major role in home aesthetic so using the jewelry from the collection, along with items like the striped jewelry box and the lips print, add a touch of feminine detail that can bring life to a little corner of any room.”

RABBIT EARS PICTURE FRAME, $32 What better way to timestamp a favorite memory than by displaying a photograph of the moment in a beautiful picture frame? The BaubleBar x Gal Meets Glam Bunny Ears Picture Frame once again adds a playful touch to a home essential.

“For many of the home decor pieces, we used gems to influence the style,” says Engel. “You can see it in the shapes of the picture frame and the jewelry holders. They have a very geometric shape that draws from my love for jewels.”

OTHER FAVORITES We’re also making room in our home for the Striped Jewelry Box and the YAY Acrylic Coaster Set!

The limited-edition BaubleBar x Gal Meets Glam collection will be available on October 20 at BaubleBar.com.