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No matter where you stand in terms of blue or red, it seems like there is a lot to be said—now more than ever. But if you’re tired of talking, there are plenty of other ways to represent your position—like through art. Head back to your home, and decorate your walls with ideas represented nonverbally. The beauty is in the freedom of choice. Make your mark—big or slight—with the following pieces (that, admittedly, tend to swing a bit feminist).

Like a Fish Without a Bicycle

This one isn’t for the light of heart (or art). It packs a punch and a strong female declaration. If Gloria Steinem is your spirit animal, take her words and put them up somewhere to get the conversation started. Gloria Steinem Print, $16.33, etsy.com

Notorious R.B.G.

She’s the second female to take a Supreme Court seat. She learned Swedish late in life to co-author a book on civil procedure. She fought tooth-and-nail for women’s rights after being demoted, challenged and lessened because of her gender and background. Oh yeah, she was recently also in an opera. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 83 years young, and still has major moxie. This print stands for so many things. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Print, $20, etsy.com

You Really Are Beautiful

This piece was recently part of Chicago artist Matthew Hoffman’s inspiring installation off the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway in Boston. Hoffman creates positive vibey messages and is responsible for the YAB flight that has popped up around the world. We’ve already ordered his 2017 calendar for all our friends for the holidays. His message is simple, refreshing, and inspiring. And this LED mirror will make us want to get out of bed in the morning. You Are Beautiful Mirror, $175, you-are-beautiful.com

Only in Darkness

Martin Luther King said, “only in darkness can you see the stars.” These sensible, kind, and soothing words from the beautiful nonviolent activist himself could truly light up any space. This is art is soup for the soul, for sure. See the Stars Print, $10, etsy.com

Meow Mix

If all the talking heads are starting to make you want to get out of town, post a cute kitty above the couch or chair, and let that be your safe space instead. Or heck, put it in your office and just point to it when the conversations get to be too much. Martha Rich Animals Can Talk, $150, martharichprojects.com

Lighthearted Patriarchal Poetry

Like a lot of art, it only means what it means to you. We think the main message here is to keep moving forward and accept whatever comes your way. But then again, it could also be talking about the apocalypse. Find the stuff that soothes you and makes your home feel in tune with whatever keeps you going. Eve Fowler, paddle8.com

Frida if Ya Need Her

Need something quirky to kick your spirits up a notch? Enter Frida wallpaper, stage left. Oh yeah, you can order it by the yard. And you can tell Diego Rivera that she’ll be okay no matter what. She did not go gently into the night, and perhaps this is the right kinda silent fight for you, too. Frida’s Garden Wallpaper, $5, dawanda.com

Fresh Prints of Bel-Air

Or Compton. Brooklyn. Chicago. Wherever you choose. There are so many cool images on the interwebs right now. Simply contact the owner or photographer, and ask permission for a print. Many artists (such as “New York Times” freelance photog Alex Wroblewski) are happy to share their work with you—simply work on negotiating the price for their talent. Prints, price upon request, alexwroblewskiphoto.com