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Even though we’re no longer bound by a semester schedule, the fall somehow signals a figurative fresh start each year. Once summer has come to an end, September feels like a sort of New Year’s 2.0—a perfect time to set new goals, make some changes, and just spruce things up a bit.

That’s why autumn is an ideal time of year to reimagine and revamp your home decor. One of our favorite stores, Anthropologie, has made redecorating easy. They’ve compiled a gorgeous new fall collection of home goods featuring bold new takes on traditional shapes, whimsical handcrafted designs, and unique artist collaborations. Pick a few of these new pieces to add to your place, and those first cozy fall weekends you spend at home will feel all the more sumptuous.

Heatherly Sofa

This modern rift on a classic mid-19th century design makes a sophisticated statement in any living room. The sofa’s high, curved back and voluptuous silhouette flows well with any furniture style, but stands out above the rest.

Heatherly Sofa, $2,398


Carsambra Quilt

When cooler days arrive, top your bed with this cozy cotton quilt. This vibrantly colored quilt took 60 hands, 13 different processes, and 72 hours to create. This gorgeous final product is a true labor of love.

Carsambra Quilt, from $178

Tufted Ayla Throw Blanket

Bring a bohemian vibe to your bedroom or living space with this funky throw. The super-soft tufted cotton and tassels add a decorative touch to the blanket, while still being comfy.

Tufted Ayla Throw Blanket, $148


Old Havana Dinnerware

Itching to step up your tableware game? Bring these beautiful blue dishes, bowls, and mugs into the mix. Each has been handcrafted in Portugal and features a subtle design and crackle glaze.

Old Havana Dinnerware, $18


Nature Table Dessert Plate

In this exclusive collection, artist Lou Rota draws on her love of nature to create these unique designs of animals, plants, and birds. The result: Dessert plates that are just as tasty as the treats they serve.

Nature Table Dessert Plate, $16


Evening Vases

Add some subtle shimmer to your decor with these stunning metallic pieces. They range in shape from a tall vase for holding flowers to a large bowl for fruit or other items. These gorgeous glass vessels are made by hand, so each comes with a uniquely iridescent finish.

Evening Vases, $32


Palace Portrait Chair

Designed by artist Paige Gemmel, these striking chairs mix traditional style with whimsical artwork, featuring your choice of four playful animals: dog, horse, tiger, or monkey. Each comes with a foam cushion covered by appliqued linen that will retain its shape and firmness over time.

Palace Portrait Chair, $998

Handcarved Woodland Bed

Transform your room into an enchanted forest with this intricate, handmade bed frame. Made from Indian rosewood, this whimsical headboard portrays a pair of peacocks surrounding a menagerie of woodland creatures and lush flora.

Handcarved Woodland Bed, from $2,998

Ikat Inlay Dresser

Whether or not you’re a world traveler, this three-drawer dresser gives off a globetrotting vibe in any room. The hand-finished bone inlay features a modern ikat design that sits atop a indigo backdrop for a rich display of contrasting colors.

Ikat Inlay Dresser, $1,498

Elowen Swivel Office Chair

Spruce up your workspace with this plump, plush velvet chair. The classic Italian design comes in three colors and features a 360-degree swivel and adjustable seating height, so it’ll keep you comfortable for as long as it takes to crush your to-do list.

Elowen Swivel Office Chair, $598

Revelle Wall Art

This made-to-order work of art complements any interior space with its intriguing, abstract composition. Artist Holly Addi works to create pieces that examine energy, space, and form, and each of her custom pieces invites varied interpretations and meanings.

Revelle Wall Art, $388


Flowers in A Vase Wall Art

With a striking Kelly green background, this eye-catching work of art draws in your eye and inspires your mind. Artist Ruti Shaashua was influenced by textile design and Indian fabrics, and has created a museum-quality piece to hang on your living room wall.

Flowers in A Vase Wall Art, $598

Saddle Ring Desk Collection

If you have stacks of years-old magazines and other odd papers piled up around the house (guilty!), these swanky leather racks will be your saving grace. With three shades of rich leather to choose from, you’ll get organized in style.

Saddle Ring Desk Collection, from $28

Silvered Geode Coaster

These elegant geodes not only provide a perfect place to set a drink, but also double as a lovely display for jewelry or other odds and ends. Pick from a white, rose quartz, green, or amethyst geode—no two are exactly alike.

Silvered Geode Coaster, $14

Barwick Swivel Chair

Topped with matching throw pillows and stylish button tufting, this rounded chair offers ample space for you or your guests to kick back and relax. It also swivels 360-degrees, so you can have a bird’s-eye view of everything in the room.

Barwick Swivel Chair, $1,198