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Airbnb and Etsy have figured out a surefire way for you to win entertainer of the year every single time someone comes to stay with you (even if it’s just family). In a new collection on the e-commerce site, The Art of Hosting, products have been curated by hosts for hosts (think: durable stoneware mugs and affordable linen sheets). It’s the little things that count. No one wants to leave their guests with memories of broken dishes or wineless evenings, as Abby Hatteberg (a superhost and owner of the shop Wayfaren) pointed out to us. Even if you’re not in the vacation rental business, we suggest buying a few of the pro’s must-haves for yourself to make your home feel like a five-star stay. 

The Clear Signage

wifi password sign
Printable Wifi Password Poster, Etsy ($6)

How many times have you been asked for the Wi-Fi password? Probably a lot. Take the guesswork away by placing this easy-to-read, printable notice in the kitchen or living room. 

The Chic Soap Dispenser

metal wall mount soap dispenser
Metal Luxury Soap Dispenser, Etsy ($33)

Buying a bunch of travel-size shampoos and conditioners every time a new guest arrives isn’t cost-effective or sustainable. Instead line up sleek, large (300 ml or 500 ml) bottles in this wall-mounted holder. The pump tops are easier to use, and you won’t have to worry about people swiping all your minis. 

The Rainy-Day Activity

concrete chess set
Concrete Chess Set, Etsy ($98)

Even the best-laid plans can go awry (we’re looking at you, nor’easter). Keep guests happy (and occupied), even if they have to stay indoors, with a selection of board games. This concrete chess set is an ideal option if you’re worried about your coffee table scratching (the base is lined with cork).

The Cozy Wake-Up Call

bed with white linen sheets
Off White Linen Bedding, Etsy ($80)

Achieving that luxury resort vibe is all in the bedding. Linen’s breathability and soft texture makes it feel like you’re sleeping in a cloud. 

The Conversation Starter

new york state cutting board
New York State Slate Serving Board, Etsy ($60)

Vacations are all about the destination, whether it’s a far-flung beach or a cabin two hours away. Lean into the local geography with personal touches. “We’ve incorporated our love of travel—little creative details here and there,” says Hatteberg. “Those touches go an extra-long way.”