Traveling is a thing again, which means hosting people for overnights is happening again, too. And if we’re being honest, we’re all probably a little rusty in the area of having guests in our homes. Thankfully a new survey of 1,000 travelers conducted by Airbnb and Muji found that 68 percent of respondents said they’d write a positive review if a host had thoughtful and unique amenities.

Things like fancy towels, clothing hangers, coffee mugs, nice table settings, and well-made glassware all topped the list of things that make travelers happy, so the two brands teamed up to launch a kit of 23 cozy items for Airbnb hosts to have on hand—but we like to think anyone having people over could benefit from the collection.

Muji products on a round white dining table
Courtesy of MUJI

The Airbnb Host Essentials by Muji includes everything you could ever want during a stay, from porcelain tableware and waffle towels to an aromatherapy diffuser and even recycled paper notebooks to use as a guest log. The entire collection costs $400.


The companies say the investment pays off: Forty-three percent of travelers reported that comfortable touches that make them feel like they’re in their own homes sets a normal host apart from an exceptional one. And we say that even if you’re not an Airbnb host, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a 5-star review from your guests.