2 end table trends it’s time to try

swap out tired tables for the trendier option of your choice!

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Sometimes we notice a trend too versatile, too usable, and too chic not to call out.  This time, we noticed two. If it’s time to toss your tired nightstand or end tables,  consider a mirrored or clear option. These two non-traditional neutrals are easy to style and add instant chic to your space. Read on to explore some of our favorites! 

This faceted mirrored nightstand makes a statement in any bedroom. Due to its angular design, it can add an element of glamour and elegance. This piece is special because it will brighten any bedroom by projecting the colors and patterns that surround it.

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The “ghost”-like transparent material of this nightstand brings an element of unexpected cool to a bedroom. 

This beautifully studded, mirror-like nightstand has uniquely textured metal that makes it an effortlessly cool, artistic piece for any bedroom. It would pair well with bright patterns for a vibrant bed

room look

. Geometric accents would contrast nicely with this piece as well.  

A multi-level nightstand is both chic and functional for any bedroom. It provides multiple levels for storage, all while looking sleek and polished. 

The silver studs bring an element of sophistication. Whether paired with a glamorous fur rug or throw or with simple linens, this piece can make any room look luxurious. 

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The elegant and sleek design of a mirrored nightstand makes it a perfect piece to pair with light and airy linens to lighten up a bedroom. For a bold pop, place a colorful lamp on top of it. It would also look beautiful with a rich, colorful rug.

The simple, streamlined design of this clear nightstand allows it to work perfectly as a staple piece in any bedroom. The great thing about the piece is that it would look elegant in a neutral and stark room, as well as a colorful, print-covered one.

The classic X-shape and the silver trim on this mirrored nightstand make it a simple and feminine piece – perfect for a neutral bedroom. A piece like this would look beautiful with light grey or blue walls and lightly patterned bed linens. The mirrored panels project light and can make a small bedroom look spacious.

This nightstand radiates old Hollywood glamour, but its vertical mirrored panels make it sleek enough that it does not overpower a bedroom. Make a piece like this stand out by pairing it with light linens, white walls, and black accents, or let it complement a bold, colorful bedroom.

The honeycomb design gives this clear nightstand a feminine and airy feel. The three-tiered storage adds practicality to this stylish piece. Pair it with white walls and white accents to make it pop, or with bright patterns to complement the honeycomb design. A vase of pink flowers wouldn’t hurt, either!

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The subtle beige pattern makes this nightstand a unique one. It adds a soft and feminine touch to the bold, modern mirrored panels. 

The glossy finish and the lacquered white drawer of this nightstand will add style and elegance to modern or neutral bedroom. The top surface and the open nook of the nightstand give easy access to storage of magazines and books, while the drawer provides extra storage.

The clever design of this clear nightstand will make it a must-have for anyone looking unique piece that is both cool and practical. The indented shelf makes it looks like a work of art but actually serves to provide space to store books and magazines.