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Curves and Color-Blocking Collide to Make One Far-Out Floating Shelf Display

All around, a simple DIY for a kid’s room.

This New Mom’s IKEA Shelf Hack Is as Simple as They Come

Without sacrificing personality.

Smart Lighting Was the Game-Changer in Our 200-Square-Foot Family Room Remodel

Having endless options is key.

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Why We’re Launching Our Very First Domino Kids Issue

Dedicated to creative family living.

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The Sturdy Siding Material That Makes This Family House a Forever Home

More time for one another; less for painting and repairs.

This Family Sold Their Home and Bought an RV to (Successfully!) Pay Off $118K in Debt

As well as spend more time together and see all 50 states.

Neon Paint Acts Like a Highlighter in This Architect Couple’s London Family Home

“The brightness really lifts the space.”

Baby Shower Gifts So Good That You’ll Actually Be Jealous of a Newborn

No, really, we want that beanie.

We Found Emily Ratajkowski’s Crib Look-Alike—For $4,200 Less

Same…but different.

Snow Days at This Alberta Home Involve a Next-Level Backyard Hot Tub

A pergola even makes the family hangout look pool-like.

Think IKEA Is Just for Outfitting Your Space? Now It Teaches Your Kids, Too

The flat-pack giant has debuted Swedish lessons.

Fashion Designer Brandon Maxwell Wrapped His Sister’s Nursery in Fabric for Two Reasons

He even snuck in an IKEA hack.

10 Creative Kids’ Closet Ideas (and Only Some Are for Storing Clothes)

In the mix: a classroom zone and a Wes Anderson–esque reading nook.

Ready Your Kitchen: Michelle Obama Is Launching a Kids-Centric Cooking Show

Mini foodies, rejoice!

The Sanity-Saving Organization Products 7 Moms Swear By

From colorful caddies to repurposed wine crates.

Swapping Bedrooms Created a Parents’ En Suite and a Double-Decker Play Space

Same 1,500 square feet; totally new layout.

In a Full Circle Moment, This Artsy Teen’s New Room Was Inspired By Her Nursery

A $400 window seat–turned–desk anchors the space.

For Domino’s Kate Berry, Lunar New Year Represents a Clean Slate—For Herself and Her Space

She shares her family traditions, then and now.

One of Jessica Alba’s Go-To Indie Kids’ Brands Has Sold Out Three Times

A rainbow twist on a parenting classic.

Behind These Streamlined Cabinets Is an Entire Hidden Kids’ Zone

Welcome to Narnia.

8 Sage Green Kids’ Rooms That Bring Calm to the Spaces That Need It Most

The on-trend color isn’t just for kitchens.

Kim Kardashian West Just Revealed Her Kids’ Playroom—And This Bright Organizing Idea

No color-coding in sight.

A Popular Closet System Is the Key to Happiness in This Shared Tween Bedroom

The swing is a bonus.

Godzilla and Nina Simone Play Nice in This Brooklyn Brothers’ Room

And more from the latest episode of “Kids Rule the House.”

This Candy-Colored Nursery Is Also Full of Sweet Finds

Starting with a $12 light hack.

11 Bunk Beds That Your Kids Won’t Want to Outgrow

The best of space-saving style.

A Simple Swath of Fabric Took This Nursery From Plain to Special

The design feature grows with baby all the way to teen.

Electric Blue Tea Is the Family Morning Vibe We’re Going for in 2021

This Brooklyn doula shares her four favorite recipes.

A Pair of Air Jordans Inspired This Tricolor IKEA Shelf Hack

Faux brackets are a slam dunk.

Who Needs a Closet When You Can Have a Secret Reading Loft?

While her kid napped, this mom DIYed.

Kristen Bell on Her Lo-Fi, Highly Creative Pandemic Parenting Strategies

Including the pantry staple she turns into a game.

When They Couldn’t Find the Perfect Wallpaper, These Parents Painted Their Own

Now blossoming trees fill their daughter’s bedroom.

11 Kids’ Book-Storage Finds That Go Beyond the Basic Shelf

Starting at $15.

A Kid’s Bedroom Closet, Reimagined as a Kindergarten Classroom

The fidget stool was a must-have.

This Kid’s Wall Unit Is Meant to Be Climbed On—And More

Multifunctional design by multitasking parents.

This Designer’s Tiny, Square San Francisco Home Is a Box of Tricks

Complete with tween-approved sliding headboards.

Domino’s Resident Moms Spill Their Strategies for Living With Kids 24-7

From family-approved card games to craft-filled go bags.

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1 Week and 2 IKEA Units Turned This Tiny Room Into a Kid-Friendly Office

Work and play made easy.

Parents Liked These Stories the Most in 2020 (When They Had Time to Read)

Here are Domino Kids’s top 10.

Secret Trap Doors Flip This Play Zone Into a Guest Room in a Flash

Clearly Batman was a design inspiration.

Spider-Man and Basketball Inspired This Girl’s Room—But You’d Never Know It

How one designer avoided going too theme-y.

Marie Kondo Believes This Kid’s Toy Sparks Good Organization Habits

And, therefore, joy for parents everywhere.

The Finishing Touch in This DIY Nursery: Hand-Drawn Wallpaper on the Ceiling

One of the many custom-on-a-budget details.

Mandy Moore Just Gave Us a Sneak Peek at Her Nursery in Progress

Designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel, of course.

The Storage Tool You Already Own Is Secretly Great for Kids’ Stuff, Too

And—bonus!—other living room clutter.

These Healthy Crackers Do Double Duty as a Puzzle

Playing with food is officially approved.

A Vintage Madeline Print Inspired This Toddler’s Safari-Themed Room

While striped fabric pulls it all together.

Finally! Baby Gear That Actually Makes Your Home More Stylish

Design-minded parents, take note.

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Turn a Narrow Closet Into a Mini Kids’ Library With This IKEA Buy

Inside the coolest home classroom around.