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Meet the Prop Stylist Who Adds Serious Personality to Her Seder Plate

Meet the Prop Stylist Who Adds Serious Personality to Her Seder Plate

And see how she puts it all together.

The Biophilic Design Trend Hilton Carter Is Betting on Big

It’s good-looking—and good for the planet.

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The Wild Story of How Pinterest’s Aya Kanai Came to Own Keith Haring’s Work as a Kid

A very “only in New York” moment.

I Got Rid of (Almost) All My Stuff to Move to Morocco—These 4 Items Made the Journey

Relics of the women who came before me.

I Display These Hand-Painted Tiles to Remind Me Where I’m From

They live everywhere, from floating shelves to the ottoman.

When Life Gets Stressful, I Always Turn To This Lucky Jade Object

It absorbs all of fashion editor Michelle Li's negative energy. 

Capturing the Home They Lost in the Wildfires Is Helping This Family Heal

“Photography can make something that’s awful look beautiful.”

Drew Barrymore on the Magic of Color and Why She Takes Her Time to Decorate

Our first-ever Kids issue cover star brings family fun home.

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Why This ’70s-Era Item Comes With Me Every Time I Move

Domino’s style director tells us the story of his most treasured possession.

Forget Trims, the Plant Kween Gives His Greenery “Haircuts”—Here’s Why

Plus the plants he’s loving right now.

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Justina Blakeney Says Tile Doesn’t Have to Be Perfectly Uniform

Plus her go-to grout tips.

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This British Duo Recommends Designing Your Bathroom Based on When You Shower

Plus the unexpected furniture they put in their kitchen.

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Where Leanne Ford Always Finds Hidden Square Footage in a Home

Plus her trick for transforming rental kitchens.

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The Wabi-Sabi Lighting on Sarah Sherman Samuel’s Wish List

Plus she can’t get enough of this texture.

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Clare Paint Founder Nicole Gibbons Reveals Her Go-To Mood-Boosting Hues

She dives into color on Domino’s new podcast.

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Moving, Eloping, a New Baby: 7 People on Quarantine’s Meaningful Moments

Home is at the heart of them all.

When Leanne Ford Sells a Home, She Takes the Memories But Leaves the Furniture

Moving on means starting fresh.

Design Visionary Kelly Wearstler on the Power of Home

"We’re connecting in a way we never have before."

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