Kenya Foy

Staff Writer

Kenya Foy is a staff writer for Domino’s Home vertical. She covers How-To topics, Commerce and News. After a nine-year stint as a freelance writer, Foy joined Domino in January 2022. She lives in Ft. Worth, Texas.


  • Expertise and interests include traveling, practicing piano, and finally convincing herself to write a novel.
  • She is a certified Usui Reiki Master. 
  • Previous experience: Apartment Therapy, Hunker, Real Simple, INSIDER, Wine Enthusiast, Huffington Post, Playboy.



Foy got her start in journalism as an editorial intern for Where Magazine where she fact-checked and wrote blurbs on local businesses for monthly issues and hotel guest books. Since then, she’s covered everything from mental health/wellness and pop culture to politics, wine and home decor and design.

Her professional experience includes: writing eye-catching room makeovers for Real Simple’s Space of the Week series; writing SEO home content for Hunker; reporting on home design and culture trending news for Apartment Therapy; and contributing blog content for home decor brand Fracture.


Foy graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor’s in Communications/Journalism and a minor in English.

Thing in My House I Can't Live Without

The one item in Foy’s apartment that she absolutely cannot bear the thought of parting ways with is her upright Yamaha piano. Next on the list is her sound healing bowl, which seems to calm her neighbor’s barking dog (unlike her shaky rendition of Moonlight Sonata).

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