There’s a Pink Side Table and Giftable Candlesticks Hiding in Ssense’s Sale Section

Plus eight more colorful deals.
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Design by Brit Ashcraft

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There’s a magical vibe among the items sprinkled across Ssense’s sale section—it can only be described as “that thing you saw at your coolest friend’s house that you can’t stop thinking about.” That’s one part of this equation, and with summer here, we’re all about embracing the rainbow in our lives. We dove into the beloved deals and plucked some of our favorite color-drenched picks.

Fazeek Pink Wave Bowl Set

Pink Wave Bowl Set by Fazeek, Ssense

$80 $60

There’s no better home for a couple of cute ice cream scoops. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe, this set is just as practical as it is pretty.

R+D.Lab Red Velasca Acqua Glasses

Red Velasca Acqua Glasses by R+D.LAB, Ssense

$125 $38

Here’s a hot take: A drinking vessel with an unexpected silhouette doubles as art. This duo of mouth-blown borosilicate glasses would make as much sense on a bookshelf—perhaps filled with a bit of water and a flower bud—as they would inside your kitchen cabinets.

Polspotten Pink Twister Side Table

Pink Twister Side Table by Polspotten, Ssense

$320 $256

No matter how small your space may be, there’s always a nook or corner made even better with a little side table. At 22 inches tall, this pink beauty is a prime spot for a short stack of books, your favorite plant, or a cup of coffee.

Gustaf Westman Objects Ssense Exclusive Yellow Curvy Micro Mirror

Exclusive Yellow Curvy Micro Mirror by Gustaf Westman, Ssense

$485 $388

Gustaf Westman’s squiggly mirrors have become synonymous with covetable spaces. This sunshiny one would look best leaning on a shelf or hung on the wall right by your front door for last-minute hair checks.

Polspotten Blue Tam Tam Stool

Blue Tam Tam Stool by Polspotten, Ssense

$365 $292

There’s nothing more handy than a stool for putting on your shoes, but we also love the idea of treating this one like a snack station for your WFH days.

Jiu Jie Ssense Exclusive Purple Baby Knot Cushion

Exclusive Purple Baby Knot Cushion by Jiu Jie, Ssense

$110 $83

Lilac is a year-round color, practically a neutral in our eyes. This tubular pillow offers a boost of lumbar support on the couch, but it’s also a great nap companion.

Bzippy Blue Medium Circle Top 4 Vase

Blue Medium Circle Top 4 Vase by Bzippy, Ssense

$330 $224

Artist Bari Ziperstein is known for stacking shapes and draping them in bold colors. This particular vase is striking enough to sit on its own or shine a light on a fistful of florals. 

Yield Green Double-Wall Glasses

Green Double-Wall Glasses by Yield, Ssense

$70 $53

One of life’s little luxuries is feeling just a little fancy while you hydrate for the day. We love the jungly green of these durable cups—it’s summer in a single color.

Ugly Rugly Ssense Exclusive Blue & Yellow Amoeba Wreath

Exclusive Blue & Yellow Amoeba Wreath by Ugly Rugly, Ssense

$200 $136

Sometimes you have a weird stretch of wall space to fill, and a framed photo or poster just won’t do the trick. The colors woven into this piece of art are one thing, and the burst of texture is divine.

Tina Vaia Green Double Totem Candleholder Set

Green Double Totem Candleholder Set by Tina Vaia, Ssense

$150 $102

Vase or candlestick? You get to choose! Hint: This would make a great birthday or housewarming gift.