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In our “Shopping Buddy” series, we ask our favorite in-the-know authors, actors, musicians, and tastemakers to share their most coveted home purchases, from kitchen essentials to entertaining must-haves, so that you can shop along with confidence. 

Fashion designer Rachel Antonoff has never shied away from a bold print, especially on her dresses and jumpsuits, which have been known to feature tinned fish, only pink things, and even pasta shapes. And now your home can wear her famous patterns, too, thanks to a new collection of peel-and-stick wallpaper in collaboration with WallPops. “Prints are really the cornerstone of the brand, so it felt like an incredibly natural progression into wallpaper,” Antonoff says. “Choosing patterns didn’t feel all that different for clothing versus wallpaper, but determining the scale was definitely different.”

Courtesy of Rachel Antonoff
Courtesy of Rachel Antonoff
Courtesy of Rachel Antonoff

The line, out now, features a floral-like artichoke and squash blossoms motif, a modern toile, and her iconic farfalle scheme; Antonoff has already decided on the room in your home where it would look best: “Has to be the kitchen, right?” Here, in her own words, she shares the home items that are bringing her joy right now. 

My Favorite Pasta-Shaped Decor

Chefanie Pasta Napkins
Pasta Napkins, Set of 4, Chefanie ($60)

They’re delightful and will light up any table.

The Wallpaper That Makes Me Love My Walls

WallPops Chase Wallpaper, Blue
The Chase Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper, WallPops ($60)

A perfect bedroom wallpaper!

The Most Happiness-Inducing Thing in My Home

KitchenAid 5.5 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer
KitchenAid 5.5 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer, Target ($299 was $499)

I use my stand mixer constantly and it brings me so much joy! I love baking for my friends and family.

Tableware That Makes Me Smile

Angelica Dessert Plate
Angelica Dessert Plate, Carolina Irving & Daughters ($70)

I am such a huge fan of both Remy Renzullo and Carolina Irving & Daughters. It’s a dream collaboration.

The Bedding That Wakes Me Up

D. Porthault Pois de Senteur bedding
Pois de Senteur Yellow Bed Linens, Queen, D. Porthault ($3,100)

D. Porthault is my fantasy bedding. Someday I’ll take the plunge.

The Rug I’d Want in Every Room

Cat rug from 1st dibs
George Wells Hooked Rug, 1stDibs ($6,500)

Maybe not every room, but most!