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Nearly synonymous with cottagecore style, British designer Matilda Goad knows a thing or two about curating the ever-so-cozy spaces that look like something straight out of a fairy tale. Her London home is the perfect example: Around every corner, you’re sure to spot a wavy raffia lampshade, colorful cutlery, or tongue-and-groove paneling. For all of us here in the United States, the only way to bring a taste of Goad’s aesthetic home was to purchase pieces from her online shop, MG & Co., and bear the international shipping charges—that is, until now. Goad teamed up with Anthropologie to bring her style Stateside for the first time ever

Full of quirky patterns and bold silhouettes (how can you not love a heart-shaped dining chair?), Goad’s latest collection has us smitten. While it doesn’t officially launch until tomorrow (September 9), we got an exclusive on the lineup. Considering Goad’s European launch with Anthropologie sold out in just a few days, we’re at the ready to hit the “add to cart” button—so read on to discover a few of our favorite pieces paired with insider intel from the designer on how she brought them to life. 

The Vintage-Inspired Barware

green and purple barware
Stemless Wine Glass, Anthropologie ($20)

A nod to the traditional swirl of Murano glassware that dates back to the 13th century, Goad’s interpretation includes a contrasting rim for the ultimate garnish. But that’s not where her cocktail hour ends. Groovy color-blocked bar utensils and a steel shaker (that comes with a hunter green cap, of course) complete the look. “Making up a drinks area—a dedicated shelf, bar, or cart—is a great way to add character to your living space,” says Goad. Simply fill it with your mixer of choice and get ready for those five-star reviews. 

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The Fruit-Forward Ice Bucket

cherry shaped ice bucket
Cherry Ice Bucket, Anthropologie ($168)

The idea for this cherry-shaped container stemmed from a similar piece in the designer’s home. “It’s a pear-shaped one from the 1950s, and I can’t get enough of it,” she shares. Crafted from stainless steel and finished off with a woven handle, Goad’s entertaining staple does what most old buckets can’t: hold not one but two bottles of wine. 

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The Beloved Dining Chair

heart shaped dining chair
Dining Chair, Anthropologie ($398)

Not your average Parisian bistro chair, Goad’s rattan version features a heart as the backrest. The story behind the piece is even sweeter: It marks the designer’s first foray into furniture. 

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The Whimsical Table Lamp

ceramic table lamp with green shade
Textured Ceramic Table Lamp, Anthropologie ($448)

Known for applying a scallop shape to anything she can get her hands on—lampshades, napkins, tabletop trays, you name it—Goad was unsurprisingly unwilling to desert the wavy motif in this new drop. “I hope the squiggle print will be recognizable as a MG & Co. signature, but this time with a twist,” she says.  

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The Well-Balanced Armchair

square upholstered armchair
Delaney Chair, Anthropologie ($1,489)

In order to imagine these items before they were manufactured, Goad created paper cutout versions so she could get a sense of proportions and patterns. “Basically all the pieces were on a dollhouse scale,” she says. This tedious analog process is how she figured out that the graphic fabric on the  armchair would look best with solid-colored velvet arms. 

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