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This week, a search for the Victoria Beckham x Mango trenchcoat Sienna Miller was spotted wearing on the streets of London led us to the discovery of a very exciting place: Mango’s home decor section. We’re not quite sure how this shopping hub has been hiding from us since its U.S. launch in 2022, but hey, better late than never.

Courtesy of Mango
Courtesy of Mango

As we explored this new territory—forgetting all about the aforementioned coat (mostly because it costs a cool $500)—we dove deep into the brand’s summer drop, which is full of retro stripes, breezy linens, and vibrant tableware. Here are a few items from the lesser-known source that caught our eye.

For Alfresco Meals 

orange plate
Double Edged Stoneware Dinner Plate, Mango ($20)

There’s something about the bold orange rings of these plates that are lulling us into an Italian daydream. For maximum enjoyment, fill this dinnerware with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, a handful of basil, a glug of olive oil, and a sprinkle of salt.

For Sprawls on the Sand 

green stripe towel
Striped Macro Beach Towel , Mango ($46)

There’s nothing worse than a beach towel that’s just…not big enough. This one measures 71-by-39 inches, offering a good amount of room for stretching. The bold stripe is easy to spot from the shore as well—an underestimated perk of a good towel design.

For Quenching Your Thirst

two tone pitcher
Two-Tone Borosilicate Jug, Mango ($30)

Chances are you’re dehydrated (us, too—no shame). Do yourself a favor this summer and keep a durable borosilicate pitcher of water within reach at all times so you can right that wrong. 

For Adultifying the Dinner Table 

colorful napkin rings
Pack of 4 Colored Napkin Rings, Mango ($26)

Napkin rings are a real indicator that you’re hosting a grown-up dinner party. These remind us of the hard candy you’d find at your grandparents’ house: round and available in a handful of delicious colors.

For Cocktail Transportation 

green tray
Rectangular Metal Tray, Mango ($46)

Whether you’re serving up a spread of snacks or a couple of cocktails, this tray is a steady (and cute) shuttle from room to room. We’re partial to the lush green, but it’s also available in a sleek white.

For That Resort Touch

orange striped pillow
Stripes Cotton Cushion Case, Mango ($20)

We’ve all been there: You spot something at a hotel that immediately becomes your internal reference of “effortlessly cool.” These waterproof pillow covers check that box for us.

For Falling (and Staying) Asleep

stripe white bedding
Striped Printed Cotton Duvet Cover, Mango ($100)

Crisp, white bedding can be found anywhere, but the perfect stripe isn’t as easy to come by. Made of 100% cotton with a concealed button fastening, you won’t be waking up in the middle of the night to readjust this one.