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Ever performed gymnastics to view your outfit in a vanity mirror? Instead of crossing your fingers that the shoes match the dress, it’s time to get your hands on a full-length mirror. Besides satisfying the need for the occasional head-to-toe once-over, full-length mirrors are an overlooked piece of decor, and they can also create the illusion of more space, no matter how many square feet you’re actually living with. By reflecting light, they make any room—bedroom, bathroom, living room, entryway—feel bigger and brighter. 

To help you shop, we narrowed down the best full-length mirrors on the market today. They come in a variety of shapes, frames, and styles, but each would be a beautiful statement piece in your home.  

Our Favorites

Best Statement: Bi-rite Capsule Mirror 

Simply the Best photo

Height: 56 inches | Frame: Laminated wood | Can be hung: Yes

What we like:

  • Fun, forward-thinking design
  • Available in 6 unexpected colors
  • Handmade in New York City

Worth noting:

  • If in New York, can be hand-delivered within days; shipping elsewhere generally takes 3 to 4 weeks 

Why we chose it: There’s nothing shy about this colorful mirror, and that’s what we love about it. 

If you’re shopping for a mirror that blends into your existing decor, keep scrolling. This mirror is a true standout, available in a slew of charming colors like bright-as-can-be yellow and Kelly green. Interior designer Mandy Gregory of Hunter Carson Design suggests investing in more than one, should your budget allow. “Group several of these in the same color together in a home gym as a fun switch-up from the expected floor-to-ceiling workout mirror,” she says.

Best Budget: IKEA Ikornnes 

Full length mirrors Ikea 1

Height: 65.75 inches | Frame: Plywood | Can be hung: No

What we like:

  • Affordable price point
  • Includes a rack to hang clothes behind the mirror
  • Goes-with-everything light wood frame

Worth noting:

  • Needs to sit fairly far away from a wall

Why we chose it: A solid, everyday option without a scary price tag. 

Leave it to IKEA to design an affordable full-length mirror. Our favorite feature: the rack behind the mirror, where the ultra-organized among us can hang the next day’s outfit before heading to bed. Or perhaps more likely, it can serve as a spot to drape outfits as you try on every dress you own before your cousin’s wedding, sparing yourself a pile of discarded clothes on the floor. “The curved corners and thin frame make this an elegant alternative to the builder-grade mirror stuck on the back of a bathroom door,” says interior designer Jackie Terrell. “Also, because it’s not attached to the wall, it provides light at a nice angle.”

Best for Slim Spaces: Design Within Reach Folk Ladder Mirror 

Full length mirrors Dwr 1

Height: 79.13 inches | Frame: Solid wood | Can be hung: No

What we like:

  • Tall and thin, so it can fit in tight spots 
  • Minimal design
  • An elegant twist on ladder shelving

Worth noting:

  • Wall mounting recommended
  • Assembly required

Why we chose it: This mirror marries Scandinavian sleekness with everyday practicality.

No matter how slim of a space you’re working with, this extra-tall (nearly 80 inches) and extra-thin (just 18 inches wide) mirror is bound to fit—while still allowing for a comfortable full-length look at yourself. “This mirror could be a good end-of-hallway moment,” says interior designer Amy Vroom of The Residency Bureau. “Layer with a piece of art on a ledge or a plant to create a compelling focal point at the end of the hall.”

Best Multipurpose: West Elm Hub Floor Mirror

Full length mirrors West Elm 1

Height: 62.2 inches | Frame: Wood | Can be hung: No

What we like:

  • Rungs on back can hang towels, blankets, or clothes
  • Painter’s easel-esque design
  • Can also be leaned against a wall

Worth noting:

  • Requires a fair amount of space

Why we chose it: Name a room—any room!—and this mirror would fit right in, providing much-needed storage as a bonus. 

Good luck deciding where to house this easel-style floor mirror, featuring ladderlike rungs to hang, well, anything. Imagine the options. In an entryway, this minimal mirror could organize your scarves and allow you a last glance before heading out the door. Your living room or bedroom could benefit from a mirror that holds throw blankets. Or if space allows, consider placing this mirror in your bathroom, since it doubles as a towel rack. No need to stress about committing to one spot, though, since it’s not wall mounted and can easily be moved from room to room. 

Best for Corners: Burke Decor KaschKasch Floor Mirror

Full length mirrors Burke 1

Height: 69 inches | Frame: Aluminum | Can be hung: No

What we like:

  • Space-saving design
  • Can be propped in corners or against a flat wall
  • Free shipping to the contiguous U.S.

Worth noting:

  • Only black or white frame options

Why we chose it: This mirror provides maximum style while taking up minimum space.

When floor space is limited, select a go-anywhere, goes-with-anything floor mirror like this design from Burke Decor. Its smart frame design can be leaned against a wall, tucked into a corner, or stand on its own. “This is such a great mirror for people dealing with limited square footage,” says professional organizer Erica Thompson of Organized by Design, whether that’s an office, a dorm room, or a small apartment. “It’s a functional reflective surface that tucks neatly into a small space and will make it breathe a little bigger.”

Best Eccentric Shape: Bower Studios Bump Mirror

Full length mirrors Bower 1

Height: 80 inches | Frame: Oak or walnut | Can be hung: Yes

What we like:

  • Creative shape, with a curved section
  • 4 frame options
  • Made in New York City

Worth noting:

  • Made to order, arriving in 6 to 10 weeks
  • Pricey shipping costs
  • Must be hung, not leaned, against a wall

Why we chose it: It’s cool, it’s unconventional, and it’s customizable. 

Undecided between a rectangular and oval mirror? Opt for both and neither with this full-length mirror, comprised of three sections. The middle segment curves, giving an illusion of being bumped out. (Hence the name.) Best yet, it can be customized in terms of size, four frame finishes, and either clear or bronze glass tint. Gregory imagines the Bump Mirror hung on a stairway wall. “It would be an incredible statement to hang a few of these together,” she says. “Maybe even one upside down!”

Best for Living Rooms: Pinch Future Perfect Iona Cheval Mirror 

full length mirror

Height: 68.5 inches | Frame: Oak or walnut | Can be hung: Yes

What we like:

  • Elegant design made with upscale materials
  • Worthy of a high-traffic area 
  • Pivots for a perfect angle 

Worth noting:

  • Made to order, with 14 to 16 weeks lead time

Why we chose it: With a sophisticated shape and frame, this mirror deserves to be admired. 

For a full-length mirror to deserve front-and-center placement in your living room, it has to be a standout design that can play nicely—color-, scale-, and style-wise—with your existing furniture. This pivoting elliptical mirror checks all of those boxes and is bound to garner gawking from your guests. “The beautiful lines, materials, and sculptural quality of this mirror make it living room–worthy,” says Vroom. “Use this in a corner of the living room to reflect the beautiful materials within or the view beyond.”

Best Over-the-Door: Target Project 62 Over-the-Door Mirror

Full length mirrors Target 1

Height: 51.25 inches | Frame: Metal | Can be hung: Yes

What we like:

  • Can be hung over a door or on a wall
  • Most affordable on this list
  • Generous 1-year return policy

Worth noting:

  • Assembly (and tools) required

Why we chose it: Finally an over-the-door mirror that’s as cool as it is convenient. 

Not excited at the thought of an over-the-door full-length mirror? We don’t blame you. They can look like an afterthought, a last-resort spot to place a mirror when you’re lacking floor and wall space. Not this one. With its chic metal frame and hooks, available in either brass or black, this mirror is sophisticated and intentional. Hang it over a closet door or a bathroom door—or nix the hooks altogether and hang it directly on a wall.

Best Frameless: Pottery Barn Rienne Frameless Mirror

Full length mirrors Pottery Barn 1

Height: 68 inches | Frame: None | Can be hung: Yes

What we like:

  • Simple design with subtle details
  • Backed with exceptionally strong MDF
  • Mounting hardware included

Worth noting:

  • Pricey for a frameless mirror

Why we chose it: For a clean, quiet full-length mirror, forget the frame. 

Some frameless mirrors can look unfinished, but not this Pottery Barn design. That’s thanks to the oh-so-slightly curved corners, which create a polished effect. Instead of a fanciful frame, you can focus on its high-quality glass—and your pretty face in it. Hang this minimalist mirror anywhere in your house, especially somewhere you want to trick the eye into feeling bigger than it is.

How We Chose These Products

Full-length mirrors can be pricey, but they’re also an imperative part of a room’s design. They add light, create the illusion of a larger space, and serve as a spot to give your outfit a last-second glance-over. With those needs in mind, we narrowed down our list of favorites to full-length mirrors that blend fun and function, from brands with a trusted history of designing quality mirrors. No matter which one of these mirrors calls to you, we’re confident any of them would become a beloved part of your home for years (and years) to come. 

Our Shopping Checklist


Above all else, style is our top priority for every piece of decor we add to our homes. Since a full-length mirror is no small purchase, we selected ones that are equally design forward and timeless classics. They’ll add charm, light, and a spot to fix your bangs. 


We shopped for true full-length mirrors—pieces in which you can get a complete view of yourself without needing to stand too far back. A mirror needs to be at least 48 inches tall to be considered full length, but we opted for taller. Our picks range from 56 to 80 inches tall, in an array of shapes and widths. 


There’s no right material for a mirror’s frame; there is a right material for your style and space, however. That’s why we shopped for full-length mirrors with a wide variety of frames, from solid oak and walnut in various stains to aluminum to one with wild-card colors. 


Many of the mirrors on this list don’t have to be hung and can be propped against a wall or arrive in an A-frame instead. For those that do require installation, clear, easy instructions and a hardware kit was a must.  

Ask Domino

Q: What height should a full-length mirror be hung?

There’s no one-size-fits-all for how high to hang a full-length mirror, and you’ll have to factor in the height of the mirror and your ceilings into the equation, too. The one requirement: However high you hang it, make sure you can see your entire body, head to toe. “Typically you’ll want full-length mirrors to be hung 9 to 12 inches above the floor,” says Gregory. Enlist an extra set of hands and eyes for a second opinion before putting any holes in your walls. 

Q: Besides a bedroom or entryway, where’s another smart spot that would benefit from a full-body mirror?

The smaller the space, the more it can benefit from the brightening effects of a mirror. The end of a hallway always begs for a mirror and so do walk-in closets. “I adore putting mirrors in my closet,” says Jung Lee, founder of Fête and Jung Lee NY. “Even if you have a small closet, it gives the illusion of a bigger one. Mirrors are a great insider trick to make any space feel airier and bigger.” 

Q: I’m nervous about installing a heavy full-length mirror. Any advice?

Mirrors intended to be hung should come with installation hardware, and be sure to follow the instructions carefully, both for the sake of your wall and overall safety. (No one needs seven years of bad luck.) “Without a doubt, you definitely need anchors in your wall,” says Lee. “If you are nervous about the mirror staying put, I would strongly suggest hiring someone to install a heavy mirror.”

The Last Word

For a full-length mirror to earn a spot in your home, it needs to pair utilitarian function with high-style design. Each of these mirrors does that. Go ahead, check yourself out.