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Whether you’re all about football or just in it for the halftime show, one thing that’s hard to disagree on is a good Super Bowl spread. And the truth is, most Domino editors would be stoked to be in the presence of flaky pigs in a blanket, jacked-up nachos, and platters of crispy wings. So we’re saying it here first: Hosting a Super Bowl hang is the easiest excuse to throw a party and show off your impressive entertaining skills—and your remarkable collection of the best chips and dip bowls.

Just because you might be serving a low-brow menu doesn’t mean you can’t whip out your slightly elevated serveware. We’re not proposing china or anything, but jumping a few steps above disposable platters and repurposed mixing bowls will take you far. Think a ceramic casserole baker, scalloped dip dishes, and cotton-candy–colored chips and dip bowls made of resin. The 23 picks here are a solid place to start in taking your table from a pizza-box puzzle to a photo-worthy masterpiece. 

Adore Your Dip Dishes 

Dip is the glue that holds a Super Bowl spread together. Scatter little bowls for queso, French onion dip, and guacamole to add scale variation to your tablescape. And because a football game is no short feat, this clever cooling option will be your BFF. 

Bake It Better

Let’s leave the tinfoil baking dishes from the grocery store to…everyone else. We recommend a ceramic or cast-iron option that brings your nachos from the oven to the table. 

Section It Out 

There’s something satisfying about every snack having its own spot. Whether you’re using one dish for chips and salsa or crudites and hummus, consider these best chips-and-dip bowls the one-stop shop of the entertaining world. 

Show Off Your Bounty

Sometimes adding everything to one large platter is easiest. Here’s the key to this strategy: Loosely style your provisions without separation for a more laid-back look, which is what football Sundays are all about. We’re most excited about this handle platter, which is nearly 2 feet long and only $50.