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Stromboli Chess Club. Gin Blossoms. Disco Nap. Who has better color names than buzzy paint purveyor Backdrop? They make the hunt for your next project that much more fun. Each can’s title captures the mood of the hue, and the company’s curated selection, all available online, means no choice paralysis in front of hundreds of samples at the hardware store. We love that the brand offers interior (self-priming!), exterior, and cabinet paints in standard and semigloss finishes, as well as incredibly useful adhesive sample swatches. If you’re in love with a few too many and can’t decide today, why not give your future self a little present: The DTC brand is offering 20 percent off all gift cards now through September 5. (The discount is applied at checkout, so don’t even worry about a promo code.)

If you’re ready to pick your tin, let a few of our favorite spaces inspire the choice.

Peachy Keen

Photography by Thomas Leonczik

When New York City expats EJ McLeavey-Fisher and Veronica Balta settled into suburban life in New Jersey, they wanted to feel inspired in their new space. Aperitivo Hour adds splashes of dusty peach to their living room walls, which was chosen to make the couple feel like sunset came indoors. 

Midnight Moment

Photography by Belle Morizio; Styling by Julia Stevens

We know, black paint might feel daunting, but it’s more approachable than you think. With the right shade, like After Hours, it creates a cocoonlike environment instead. Take, for example, Madison Utendahl’s Brooklyn apartment, where you’ll find that the color brings classic charm to her bathroom and complements a collection of portraits. 

Green on the Go

Photography by Sarabeth Hurst

Green cabinetry brings zen vibes to any bustling kitchen, and in Sarabeth Hurst’s home on wheels, the sage green Drive-Thru Safari keeps things light and airy.