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Not a day goes by where Amber Lewis isn’t asked something along the lines of “Where’d you get that sofa?” or “Can you share where the bed is from?” The interior designer’s 1.9 million Instagram followers are hungry for that kind of information when they spot a photo of a new project, but so are her actual clients. Usually, Lewis’s answer isn’t what they were hoping for: It’s custom, she’ll tell them. “Everyone’s always asking me: Who makes this? And I’m like, a vendor down my street who is costing me an arm and a leg,” says Lewis. 

The Figueroa dining table in full marble is such a hero piece and works in so many homes and styles,” says Adam Dunn, Four Hands’s vice president of design. | Courtesy of Four Hands

So when wholesale home furnishings brand Four Hands asked Lewis if she would create a collection of more than 100 products for the company, she jumped at the opportunity. Not only would she be the first designer to collaborate with FH, but she could use it as a chance to create the types of pieces she gets asked about the most and share them with the masses. (In addition to Four Hands selling to the trade, the products are available to consumers at Shoppe Amber Interiors, Lulu and Georgia, Scout & Nimble, and Interior Homescapes.)

“I don’t like to do things I don’t feel really good about,” says Lewis. “I was like, let’s do something Four Hands hasn’t done before, and let’s do something that I’m going to want to buy, that I’m going to want to sell to my clients, at a price point that’s attainable.” You asked, she delivered.

The XL Cabinet Everyone’s Been Begging For

wood bookcase
Dumont Bookcase by Amber Lewis x Four Hands, Lulu and Georgia ($3,899)

One of the key pieces Lewis struggles to find for clients? Cabinets that are large enough to look at home in a living room with vaulted ceilings. “A lot of my clients’ homes have these taller ceilings,” says Lewis. “I feel like there was a gap in the market for a bookshelf with really good scale.” Measuring a cool 96 inches tall, this white oak version checks an essential box for the designer.

The Woven Bench That Looks Straight From Her Own Kitchen

rattan bench
Senna Dining Banquette L Shape 83-Inch by Amber Lewis x Four Hands, Shoppe Amber Interiors ($4,900)

When we first saw the bespoke wicker banquette in Lewis’s home years ago, we were in awe of its breezy texture, floating mount, and sheer size (her piece looks like it could seat 20 people comfortably). “I didn’t do it for another client. I did it for me, and I loved it,” recalls Lewis. Now she’s ready to share something extremely similar with the world. The big difference in this case is the fact that her Four Hands Senna bench has legs and comes in a variety of sizes. 

The Fresh Take on the Wingback Chair

woven chair
Amira Accent Chair by Amber Lewis x Four Hands, Lulu and Georgia ($1,199)

Lewis’s secret to designing for longevity? Go back to the classics. The Amira accent chair features an all-too-familiar wingback silhouette but with a woven touch. “I think by adopting a shape that we’ve seen for so long and modernizing it, that’s how you do it,” says Lewis. “That’s exactly what that chair is. It’s a spin.” 

The Parisian-Inspired Chaise

gray chaise
Demi Chaise by Amber Lewis x Four Hands, Lulu and Georgia ($1,999)

During a trip to France in 2022, Lewis spotted an antique bistro chair with swirly metal arms. The special detail clearly made an impression: The Demi chaise is outlined by curved pieces of iron. The matching Demi chair is a favorite of Four Hands’ vice president of design, Adam Dunn. “I love how we were able to incorporate fine metalwork into a seating collection,” he says.

The Sofa That’s Going Places

green sofa
Kent Sofa by Amber Lewis x Four Hands, Shoppe Amber Interiors ($1,900)

If you’re constantly rearranging your living room, the Kent sofa is for you. The piece is set on caster wheels. “If you were to put that sofa on standard pointed mid-century legs, it would look like one we’ve seen 1,000 times. The casters makes it upscale,” shares Lewis. 

The Artwork That Hits Home

painting of a tree
“Misty Morning Cabin” Framed Print by Lori Marie, Amber Lewis x Four Hands, Shoppe Amber Interiors ($800)

The collection features artwork from several artists, including a mixed-medium painter by the name of Lori Marie, but to Lewis, she’s just known as Mom. “She’s always painted as a hobby, but when I started really collecting vintage oil [paintings], she was superinspired by them. And she thought, Oh, I wonder if I can do something like that?” says Lewis. Like mother, like daughter.