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After spending the weekend posted up at my parents’ pool in upstate New York, I noticed their 10-year-old furniture was finally starting to show its age. Faded and fraying side tables and loungers prompted me to start poking around on Amazon for a quick fix, and I found myself clicking on an indoor-outdoor ottoman that doubles as a side table or extra seating. Decked out in thick cabana stripes (choose between black, green, navy, or the one I put in my cart, burnt orange), I knew this 17-inch cushy cube would add the beachy vibes missing from their backyard space. 

Initially drawn in by the bright pattern (my parents have dreams of one day transforming their pergola into a tiki bar), I soon recognized the brand—it’s the same maker behind one of our favorite Way Day deals (this heavy-duty dog bed) and our top pick for an elevated beanbag chair. No wonder I liked it so much upon first glance. 

Majestic Home Goods Vertical Outdoor Ottoman 

burnt orange cabana stripe ottoman
Majestic Home Goods Vertical Stripe Outdoor Ottoman, Amazon ($80)

I dug a little deeper to find reviews confirming this pouf is just as durable as the other Majestic Home products we love. The zippered slipcover is sewn with UV-resistant polyester (so it can bask in up to 1,000 hours of sunshine without discoloring) that’s also safe to toss in the wash—one shopper notes putting it on medium heat to tumble dry has kept it looking good as new. The cover comes complete with a water-resistant base featuring a thicker weave of fabric, which keeps the comfy insert filled with recycled polystyrene beads dry. In other words, grabbing it after a dip in the pool would be no sweat. 

“The height is just right for putting your feet up and stable enough to hold a plate of food,” one commenter shares. “Just give it a shake or roll it around a bit and the indentations (I like to read for a couple of hours at a time) plump right up like they were never there. Buy it!” 

There are plenty of cases made for these to be “a better place for your bum instead of your feet,” as one reviewer writes. “I have many poufs in my backyard. These are perfect for extra seating around the hot tub. Seems to be a place where many hang in and out of the tub. Love their height compared to my others.” Another was so impressed by the versatility, that several weeks later they bought two more—for the living room. “Pretty much everybody who comes into the room ends up using them. I’m going to get another one for my bedroom to replace my ottoman that is a lot harder to move around and not as comfy,” they add. And that’s just another part of the allure of these poufs; at just 5 pounds, you can tote them in and out of the house for whatever you need. But I know once a pair of these arrive at my parents’ door, they’ll never be far from the water.   

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