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Courtesy of Poplight

There are few things more annoying than falling in love with a sconce and realizing you need a quick education in electric wiring—or to spend some bucks on hiring a pro—to make your soft-lit room a reality. For renters, there aren’t many beautiful solutions that don’t require putting a hole in the wall or an unsightly cord. But we said “not many”—we didn’t say “none.” Enter: Poplight. Gone are the days of hacking sconces with faux puck lights and battery-operated bulbs that fall out and die quickly or relying on candles.

The brand, which was recently featured on Shark Tank, creates renter-friendly lighting that can be installed and removed without the use of any tools. To date, there have been more than 6,000 (!) preorders, and those products are expected to begin shipping at the end of May, according to the company’s founders.

Courtesy of Poplight
Courtesy of Poplight

So how does it stay put? Two strips of double-sided sticky tape nestled right into molded slots on the back of the mount. Plus it has the cutest built-in level we’ve ever seen, so you can make sure you’re hanging it correctly on the first attempt. Once the base is on the wall, you just have to twist the LED light on and you’re good to go. The battery can be popped out of the bottom of the mount for easy recharging (each charge lasts up to nine hours at full brightness). When you’re ready to take it off the wall, you just have to remove the bulb section and tug down on the sticky tape until it detaches. 

The lights have a slight mid-century modern vibe with a short arched arm and large round globe. But while the silhouette is simple, the color options are where you can have some fun (so far, there’s matte black, sage green, dusty rose, red, white, and marigold). For those who like to control everything from their phone, there are iOS and Android apps that allow you to adjust brightness, switch between color temperatures, set sleep timers, check battery levels, and even name your lights. 

Any orders placed in the coming days or weeks will likely be fulfilled in June, so if this feels like the rental hack for you, we suggest you get in line now.

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