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Swiffer, watch your back: Every millennial’s favorite stick vacuum just got a serious upgrade. Dyson has announced that later this year it is introducing a wet vac called the Submarine. 

Similar to its current stick models, which include laser heads that detect dust and a pet-grooming brush, the Submarine is its own attachment that includes a microfiber roller head and two chambers: one that pumps clean water onto the roller and one for waste. It’s a dream situation for spills of all kinds—even dry ones—and will practically eliminate your need for a traditional mop. (The only bummer is that it won’t work on any current stick vacuum models; you’ll need to buy a new one, the V15 Detect Submarine or V12 Detect Slim Submarine, but on the bright side, each comes with two other heads for dry vacuuming.)

Courtesy of Dyson

Although Dyson hasn’t announced a launch date for the Submarine yet, there are two new cordless options coming out June 6 to hold you over: The Gen5detect and Gen5outsize, both with the most suction power the brand has ever released, and the latter of which holds 150 percent more dust and debris than the former. Plus both run for 70 minutes—not that you would want to vacuum for that long, but you could. Dyson also announced a new robotic vacuum and a massive air purifier, both of which will be available later this year, though we’ve got our eye exclusively on the Submarine. Our floors can’t wait, too.