Every Cool Thing Designer Leah Ring Wants to Do With Paint

Inspired by an iconic group of English creatives with a penchant for maximalism.
Woman in orange dress sitting in large blue armchair
Photography by Lance Gerber

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Today’s Guest Editor: Leah Ring

Leah Ring, founder of Another Human, is known for her playful, prismatic spaces, from a whirly green kitchen to a dining room dripping in hollyhocks.

Current Mood

What I’m loving right now: Bloomsbury-inspired interiors, specifically decorative painting and painterly details in unexpected places. The Bloomsbury Group, an early 20th-century group of English creatives, embraced bold colors; drew inspiration from a wide range of influences; and thought that the items that fill a home should be given as much attention as fine art. The result is layered, artful interiors, like those at the Charleston farmhouse, with highly customized furnishings and lots of fun surprises sprinkled throughout a room. 

I’d recommend it to someone who also likes…Maximalism and naturalism, as well as Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and avant-garde interiors—there’s room for so many styles to be mixed and matched.

Pink living room with curved sofa
A New York City project by designer Katie Ridder.

Photography by Eric Piasecki/OTTO; Design by Katie Ridder

Blue shelves filled with colorful books
The Charleston farmhouse.

Photography by Lee Robbins for The Charleston Trust

Where I’ve spotted it in the wild: 

Three real-life ways I’d try it:

  1. Applying a Bloomsbury-esque fabric to a very contemporary chair or sofa form—the contrast sounds exciting! Maybe I’d add some fringe for good measure. 
  2. Painting closet doors with a nature-inspired mural and adding fantastical hardware to create a dreamlike escape in a bedroom.
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