I Won’t Pay More Than $100 for These 11 Things

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Home Front is a weekly deep dive into the rising—and returning—trends, decor, and teeniest of design details fresh on our radar. In last week’s send, Julie, Domino’s deputy editor, shared her method for finding high style on a low budget.

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When I interviewed Jonathon Burford for our February cover story, how they choose items for their home shocked me: “I’m generally motivated by price.” Mic. Drop. You’d think that in the Domino world of aesthetes, we’d all rather go broke than miss out on, say, a viral vintage Togo. But I was raised a practical Midwesterner, and if the price isn’t right, I’m pretty okay with walking away from a stylish piece. Lately, though, I’ve learned that I don’t have to. Here’s my strategy—and all my alarmingly cool recent faves below $100. 

On Board

For an editor, I’m not much of a shopper, especially as the price of, well, everything has gone up. You’re responsible for selling out one of Domino’s best deal discoveries, so I know you get it. And since there’s no sign of inflation slowing down (says my local paper), I’ve come to learn how to shop for budget items with big impact. The trick: Stick to expensive-looking materials (such as ceramic, metal, and natural fibers), and skip out on plastics and fabrics with the word poly in them. 

Even furniture and rugs can stay within a less-than-a-Benjamin budget, and I have proof: 

  1. It’s not fair, but hiring an electrician will cost you more than this mid-century–leaning metal pendant lamp. (That said: Do not DIY!)
  2. These $5 Splatterware bowls are all my husband and I eat from these days. 
  3. On a recent IKEA Brooklyn trip, I snagged this gingham duvet and pillowcase set—I love the neon spin on a traditional pattern—for a cool $40. Yes, I want you to be very jealous.
  4. IKEA has always focused on democratically priced design, and therefore it’s my go-to for Scandi-cool everything, from color-blocked lampshades to stripe-on-stripe fabric that can act as a tablecloth.
  5. I consider a set of four of my absolute favorite curvy drinking glasses—designed in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where my family lives!—a lifetime investment. Even water looks refined in them.
  6. I constantly see this powder-coated iron dining chair at cafés in New York City, and—surprise—it’s CB2. I swiped two in light pink (a now sold-out shade) for my dining room at home. For their sturdiness and durability, I truly can’t believe they’re under $100 each. 
  7. My secret source for inexpensive rugs? Rugs USA. (I guess it’s not a secret anymore, but I trust you!) This one is 100 percent wool, handmade, and would add a textural touch to a neutral living room. 
  8. A Gaetano Pesce vase—in this economy? Instead, I honor the late designer’s resin work with his two-for-$30 translucent coasters. There’s one on my desk at all times.
  9. This groovy set of bath and hand towels vibes well with rising interest rates, and I will always be Team Colorful Textiles.
  10. This sunny hand-painted water pitcher, from a Brooklyn boutique that I wander into weekly, only looks like a million bucks.
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Julie Vadnal

Deputy Editor

Julie Vadnal is the deputy editor of Domino. She edits and writes stories about shopping for new and vintage furniture, covers new products (and the tastemakers who love them), and tours the homes of cool creatives. She lives in Brooklyn.