Come On In to Justina Blakeney’s Wonderland

Including the home project she’s midway through.
portrait of designer Justina Blakeney
Photography by Dabito

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Today’s Guest Editor: Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney is the Los Angeles artist and designer behind free-spirited home brand Jungalow. She basically invented the modern boho aesthetic.

Current Mood

What I’m loving right now: “Curiouser and curiouser!” This iconic phrase from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland perfectly captures my mood at the moment. As we navigate Wonderland, we encounter a disorienting blend of the familiar and fantastical, the natural and the supernatural. Bright colors, ornate patterns—florals and stripes!—and unpredictable scale keep us curious. Wonderland’s chaotic rules turn logic on its head, embodying a playful mix of psychedelia and whimsy, limited only by our imaginations.


I’d recommend it to someone who also likes…retro futurism and mid-century modern design but is hungry to mix it up. 

Where I’ve spotted it in the wild: A lot of pieces I’d characterize as curiouser and curiouser were at Design Miami, Los Angeles.  These all stop and make you wonder, smile, or get curious about their form, materials, scale, and meaning:

wicker chandelier that looks like arms
giant flower-like copper lamp

Three real-life ways I’d try it:

  1. Floral wallpaper that creates the Wonderland feel, like House of Hackney’s Woodland, Block Shop’s Peony, or my Idris Flower print for Target.
  2. Wicker that gets weird.
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