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Whoa, You Can Now Copy and Paste a Designer Bathroom Into Your House Starting at $9K

All the material selections are done for you.
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light wood vanity in powder bathroom
Courtesy of The Unoriginal Bathroom Company

In the hundreds of homes Aaron Popowsky worked on during his 10-plus years running a design-build firm, one thing was always consistent: The bathrooms got the short end of the stick. “He’d tell me stories about how clients would spend a lot of time working on the primary suite, but when they get to the second bathroom or powder room, they were so fatigued from the process,” says Amy Wasserman, Popowsky’s wife and new business partner. At that point, his clients would usually just point to a photo of another bathroom Popowsky and his team had designed and ask, “Can I just have this?” 

Now Popowsky and Wasserman, who has a background in marketing, have joined forces to launch The Unoriginal Bathroom Company, which, in short, is the answer everyone has been looking for: Yes, you can have all of that. 

Basically, they’ve simplified the material-selection process by offering complete bathroom remodeling packages. Right now, the Unoriginal Bathroom Company has 10 unique designs available to choose from on its website, with 22 more in the backlog that are set to roll out over the coming months. So you only have to make one big decision: Which space do you like the most?

Unlike with other bathroom-in-a-box-style firms, the designs didn’t come from the company’s internal team. Instead, Popowsky and Wasserman asked interior designers to create them. The pros had few parameters. Most important, their plans needed to be applicable to both half-bathrooms and full bathrooms, and they also needed to stick to products from a lengthy list of preferred vendors including Fireclay Tile, Porcelanosa, Schumacher, Farrow & Ball, and more. With prices starting at $9,000 for a half-bath and $13,000 for a full, it’s a much more affordable way to get a designer bathroom without actually hiring a designer full time.

blue bathroom tile
Courtesy of The Unoriginal Bathroom Company

Once you’ve ID’d a package you like, you can book a consultation with a member of the Unoriginal Bathroom Company’s sales team and chat all things timeline, plus they’ll tell you what measurements, photos, and floor plans you’ll need to gather for them to place your order. At the same time, they’ll get a quote on the delivery and package receipt of a local warehouse near you. Once your materials have arrived at the warehouse (floor tile, medicine cabinet, showerhead, etc.), they’ll organize a delivery service and drop it all off at your home in one fell swoop. In other words, “You literally just sit and wait for everything to come one day,” says Wasserman. That’s where the company’s role ends. As for actual installation, that’ll still have to be handled by you or your contractor.

Want to have a little more input in the design process? Browse the accent shop. Each bathroom plan has a corresponding collection of accessories, like hand towels and wall art, so you can pick out the fun stuff and leave the rest to the pros. 

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