My Wireless Headphones Have Turned My Entire World Into a Sanctuary

A case for being plugged in the plug-free way.

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Have you noticed that everyone is talking about headphones lately? From the Airpod memes that run rampant on Twitter and Instagram and Vice’s take on why they’re actually bad for the environment to The Atlantic’s deep dive on why they’re an antidote to open-floor-plan offices and The New York Times’s assessment on the necessity of noise-canceling headphones. We’ve got to admit: They all have a point.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that headphones have become such a buzzy topic du jour—after all, they might just be the best thing you can buy to help you feel comfortable no matter where you are. That’s right: I’m suggesting you wear your headphones as often as you can. As Olga Khazan points out in The Atlantic, “Everyone else’s noises are constantly everywhere, so your head is the only personal space you can get.”

Now you might say, “Isn’t that rude?” On the contrary; it’s the opposite. I rarely leave my home without my wireless over-the-ear headphones, and I wear them religiously around the house. When I’m sweeping the floors or folding the laundry, I’m wearing them. When I’m walking down the street or doing work, I’m wearing them. My aim isn’t to close myself off completely to conversation (though sometimes that can be a productivity-boosting side effect), but rather to create my own perfect ambience without disturbing anyone else in the process.

You see, when you wear wireless headphones, you can listen to a podcast while scrubbing the bathroom, watch that episode of Saturday Night Live as you meal prep, and find some solace on your commute—all without bothering another person. Headphones allow you to transform your surrounding environment without making any physical changes to it. And wireless ones allow you to do just that with an unparalleled level of convenience, even in your own home.

After all, if you can’t yet transform your space into the oasis you’ve long dreamed of, you can at least make it sound like one.

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