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If you’re counting down the minutes to escape for the long weekend, you’re probably not alone. There’s something about a change of scenery that does a world of good. But as much as escaping to a cabin in the woods or a cozy beach house for a few days can reset our mood and energy levels, the effort (not to mention the time and money) it takes to get to the destination can sometimes scrap a perfectly laid plan quicker than the time it takes to say “traffic jam.”

Here’s a quick Band-Aid solution that might make getting away for the weekend feel more like a logistical pain than an enviable escape: Why not bring the weekend escape to you? After all, you only need a cozy fire (or fireplace-scented candle), a few cozy pillows and throws, and a glass of red wine to feel like you’re officially off the grid, no?

This weekend, turn off all electronics and dedicate a space in your home for pure cozy winter relaxation and nothing else. To help dream up the perfect staycation at home, we rounded up our favorite ski chalets and mountain homes. Warning: Extreme relaxation may ensue.

Decorate with fall foliage

Hooks and baskets can help organize all the winter wear piling up in your entryway, but don’t forget to also cozy up the space with a sturdy runner and a tall vase of fall foliage that will make you feel like you’ve just landed in a cabin in upstate New York. Antiqued finishes and vintage finds can all contribute to giving your space a distinct chalet vibe.

Make space for games

Hile-pile shag rugs and cozy throws aside, one of the quickest ways you can transform your living space into a veritable winter chalet is by tucking the electronics away and replacing them with board games and books—something that the design firm Studio Shamshiri nailed in this Swiss Chalet project in California. Plenty of seating and soft furnishings will entice all your friends to come over for a good old-fashioned game of Monopoly.

Light a (metaphorical) fire

Nothing says “ski chalet” like a roaring fireplace, but realistically, not everyone is lucky enough to have one in their home, especially in a small New York City apartment. Instead, a fireplace-scented candle can give your space the same cozy winter smell without all the maintenance. Simply adorn your space with plenty of natural wood tones, layered rugs, and sheepskin throws to finish off the look.

Turn to antique stores

We often tend to run to the nearest furniture retailer to furnish our homes, but there is something to be said about worn-out vintage furniture or antiques to give a space a sense of history that country homes are known for. Think of distressed wood tables, mismatched chairs, and vintage rugs. And if you’re worried that these pieces won’t match your hardwood floors, try painting the flooring and walls in a dark moody hue to let your antique finds shine.

Set the mood in the bathroom

Dark walls, rustic accents, and plush white towels might make you feel like you’re staying in a five-star ski resort, so don’t be afraid to adorn your bathroom with the same luxurious touch—just like in this European ski chalet bathroom by Humbert & Poyet. Brass accents, black marble, even small details like luxe hand soaps can all contribute to making your space feel plush and spa-like.

Play with monochrome hues

Wood-paneled walls, plush velvet jewel-hued carpeting, and vintage accents can all give your space the authentic Swiss chalet vibe that’s infused in this Studio Shamshiri–designed home. Dried flowers and a dusty green lampshade are the only pops of color in this otherwise honey-hued room. Instead of trying to match wood tones exactly, play with different mid tones to make your space feel layered.

Layer texture upon texture

Patchwork rugs, Navajo blankets, sheepskin rugs, and plaid curtains are all details that make the guest rooms at Caldera House in Jackson Hole feel like a plush ski getaway. All these textiles draw inspiration from mountain destinations around the world, from Scandinavia to the Northwestern US. Don’t be afraid to mix different textiles and textures typically associated with winter homes. By keeping a subdued color palette, you’ll ensure they’ll all work together seamlessly.

Ready to give your home the same cozy treatment? Whether you live in a tiny New York apartment or a sprawling Colorado chalet, your home could benefit from a cozy winter touch.

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