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by Mayra David

Who has time to stop and smell the roses? People with Instagram, basically. To find a peaceful moment in nature without leaving your home, explore 15 delightful indoor gardens from Instagram. Maybe they’ll even inspire you to flex your own green thumb!

Photo credit: @stellarcrypticcreations

@indy_13_   Get creative and repurpose any ol’ thing, as this Instagrammer does with suitcases, jam jars, and the like!

@phoebewaiyanlau Don’t be afraid to block your window. When it’s this pretty and pared down, it can enhance the window and even the view outside.

@kebint Organic yet sculptural, wild yet contained. The natural beauty of these unusual house plants is enhanced by pairing them with perfectly chosen planters and pots.

@thewhiitehouse No window sill? An old bench makes a nice plant stand. Easily one of the most serene corners on Instagram, this loft studio/ home is urban and rustic all at the same time.

@big_brown_owl She’s a self-described ‘maximalist’ and this pic certainly lives up to that. It’s chockablock with knick-knacks and collections on display, but with some order, and a lot of plants, this darling corner manages to be eclectic, interesting and relaxing at the same time.

@littleglassworlds Perfect little biospheres in miniature! Terrariums are all the rage these days, and with good reason: they are a beautiful, low maintenance way to get some green into your home. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, they’re a great way to re-create the outdoors, inside.

@thesill A simple, but eye catching window garden. Especially good, if you don’t have a lot of window sill real estate.

@katiacarletti This ceramic artist creates pieces that are whimsical, sculptural and plain adorable, just like the succulents they contain. No wonder they play so wonderfully off of each other and remind us never to miss a decorating opportunity!

@majannielsen We know plants can enliven and warm up a room, and that’s especially true in this modern, industrial, stark white kitchen.

@matochnaring This IGer’s account tries to inspire a health-conscious lifestyle with food and exercise, but also reminds us that plants are never just decorative! Countless herb varieties can be grown indoors, some year-round. Healthy, cheap, beautiful, and fragrant!

@quinncasabk Sometimes you may not have the space to fill one corner entirely with plants. This Brooklyn-based vintage furniture maker creates a lovely plant corner by using hanging planters, and even the cast iron radiator.

@thejungalow This list wouldn’t be complete without a little inspo from bestselling author and all-around urban gardening boss lady, Justina Blakeney. Her plant displays are impressive, but this windowsill shows: you can have a garden with just a pot or two and a couple of sprigs.

@aleajoy Don’t forget that the bathroom is perfect for keeping lush, lively greenery. Ask experts to find out which plants thrive where. The owners of this IG account are plant shop owners and plant obsessives. Their home decor motto seems to be:  You Can’t Have Too Many Plants. We can’t help but agree!

@wildernisamsterdam This is heading into indoor garden fantasy territory and we couldn’t be more delighted! Create a jungle vibe like this gardening lifestyle shop did by mixing up plant varieties, sizes and placement heights.