Design Inspiration

13 ways to decorate your windowsill this spring (and summer)

herbs, flowers, antiques, souvenirs, and other elements that bring beauty and style to an often underused space.

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by Marni Fogelson

Now that the windowsill is doing more than just causing a draft, you can start thinking about ways to spruce up this underused space. Plants and flowers are the norm (and for good reason), but there are so many ways you can make this space stand up to any other #shelfie. Such as…


Succulents come in a stunning variety of shapes and sizes. This arrangement combines several and then adds a bed of rocks with a wood container to add an organic, pulled together display. A gorgeous indoor garden if you are short on space or time.

Potted herbs

Herbs are an ideal windowsill accessory, especially for apartment dwellers who don’t have the green space to grow much else. Using traditional pots or recycled tea cans, you can grow an impressive amount of rosemary, basil, tarragon, mint, or whatever spices frequent your favorite recipes. Having these herbs ready for the plucking will save you time and the highway robbery costs charged for prepackaged herbs at the grocery store.

Meditation space

Carving out a meditation space or place to accumulate your favorite candles might seem pretty low on the household priority list, but this beautiful arrangement will make you think twice. Whether you go very simple with a zen rock pile or create a full-on altar, this by-the- windowsill space will offer a temporary respite from the whirlwind of the world. We found ourselves taking deep breaths just looking at it.

Unconventional flower display

Baby’s breath, other filler flowers, and beneficial weeds can have a reputation as the ugly stepsisters to more beautiful, exotic, and refined flora in a bouquet. They take on an elegant yet timeless monochrome palette when separated into tiny budvases and perched on a sill.

Baskets and bookcase

A windowsill is a perfect display space, allowing you to highlight books or items you may have picked up in your travels. The light coming in from behind creates a natural focus on whatever you place there-just make sure to swap out or turn any items that may fade or discolor in the sun.

Mini tree

We love the idea of growing a mini tree in a sun-filled windowsill so much we almost don’t care if it actually grows any fruit. In case you are someone who does care, you can choose from possibilities such as Meyer lemon, key lime, olive, and certain varieties of oranges and bananas.

Repurposed antiques and collectibles

If you are an antiques buff, or perhaps inherited your Nana’s china collection, there’s no need to hide these pieces in a dusty cabinet for a special occasion. Repurpose small pitchers, vases, or even cups for small floral arrangements and to spark a cozy shabby chic vibe.


Matching white pots and containers are the uniting element in this display of cacti as this sill houses different sizes and varieties. Because they won’t grow exponentially and won’t frequently need new potting, cacti are a great investment. Plus, they are very forgiving if you forget to water them for extended periods of time.

Sculptural natural objects

Arranging natural and found objects such as branches, rocks, or shells in glass containers is an ingenious way to bring the outdoors inside in a classy, curated way. We love that this arrangement is an all-season approach to natural decorating.

Air plants

Hanging air plants make for a playful and intriguing visual. Using different shaped vessels and hanging them at varying heights creates . The bonus-they are super low-maintenance.

Reading nook

One of the best windowsill decorations? You with a book and some pillows or a blanket. This deep nook is made for relaxing, but you can repurpose smaller, thinner sills as a table for your coffee or tea and a temporary space to rest and take in the view.

Combined art and greenery space

A windowsill can be a lovely place to put certain design elements that otherwise seem out of place with a room’s scheme or décor. Think of it as a built-in inspiration board that you can swap out seasonally.

Pie cooling space

Fresh pie cooling on an open windowsill used to be a familiar and welcome sight. Bring back this old habit and enjoy the multitude of ways in which you’ll benefit: fresh air, the scent of the berries or fruit wafting through the breeze, a cooler kitchen come summertime, and the reality that you’ll soon be eating pie!