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Photography by none

Whether it’s a wall filled with books or a hidden case of first editions, built-in shelves are the latest must-haves in any living space.


A simple space carved into the wall complements the modern simplicity of the decor’s aesthetic.  

Photography by ARTHUR ELGORT

Avoid a cluttered feel by creating balance within the decor. Books paired with a small selection of prints and intriguing artifacts cleverly disguise the potentially storage-esque qualities of a space.

Photography by SIMON WATSON

A shelf that grows with you. Take full advantage of the ample wall space. 

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

A bold wall color can limit the number of contrasting elements in a room. A built-in shelf effortlessly blends in, providing a subtle yet structured support.


Forget straightedge details and uniform dimensions. Abstract panels allow for a more curated feel, elevating even the most simple of displays.

Photography by CARTER BERG

No reading nook is complete without a built-in bookcase carrying a selection of your favorite titles. 


When it comes to small spaces, bulky free-standing shelves rarely take precendence in terms of real estate.

Photography by PAUL COSTELLO

Set the scene with a floor-to-ceiling installment. Who doesn’t love the idea of a wall filled with books?

Photography by JAMES MERRELL

Create a contrast with dualing tones against the backdrop of the shelf and the outline of the exterior.