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What if I told you there was a way to attract everything you want in life like a magnet? And that it was free and you don’t have to sign up for anything? It’s just an easy thing you can do to improve your life.

Well, according to Jillian Turecki, New York-based yoga teacher and certified life coach, this is all possible with manifesting.

The ancient concept can have many alternative names too, from the law of attraction to the power of positivity, but we are always manifesting. The idea is that each thought in your brain carries an energy or power, which attracts its likeness. This is similar to the law of attraction, which believes that the universe creates and provides what your thoughts are focused on, and the results of positive thoughts are always positive consequences. This is also in line with the power of positivity, in even life and death situations: According to a new study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, women who were optimistic had a significantly reduced risk of dying from several major causes of death.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Oh boy, what a bunch of nonsense!”, just hear us out. This is a complex topic, and hard to summarize in a single article, if you’re interested still, there are incredible books and resources to research more. We’d suggest starting with best-selling authors Marianne Williamson, and variety of her books that specialize in the power of thought and make it easy to understand.

“I think [manifesting] throws people mostly because they don’t understand it—it’s unfortunately an overused term that implies a lot of new age dogma, and so many people who could benefit don’t believe in it,” says Turecki. “Or those who do, mistakenly think that all you have to do is think about what you want.”

Turecki stresses that manifesting is more about the thought process, rather than trying to achieve one specific outcome: “The real issue that I have with manifesting is that we tend to get very invested in the outcome, and I’m a firm believer in being flexible about the outcome. I’m more interested in helping people fall in love with the process. Because when we’re outcome-driven, we tend to become impatient with results, and bar none the biggest issue I have seen in people regarding goals, is that they are not truly willing to put in the time and labor necessary.”

We asked Turecki, who was been studying the art and science of fulfillment for years, to breakdown the basics of manifesting.

Manifesting 101

1. Forget about the word.

“Toss the word manifesting if it doesn’t resonate, and replace it with clarity, intention, creating, or building.”

2. Make it clear.

“Get clear about which area of your life will receive most of your attention for the next six months. Maybe it’s work, or relationships with friends, or self worth, or love, or your health, etc.”

3. Write it down.

“Write down the things that you want in that area, and don’t limit yourself to 2018, think longer term—maybe over the next few years. I say this because building something important takes time.”

4. Why?

“Define why this is important to you. Your why will either motivate you, or not. So make it compelling.”

5. Time to Create.

“To create what it is that you want, what has to happen inside of you that will make this happen? For example, if you want a relationship, what shift has to happen internally for that to happen? Do you have to become more vulnerable, more playful, more peaceful? If it’s a work thing, what beliefs do you need to adopt to make it happen? Manifesting your dreams is really an inside job.”

6. Schedule It.

“Define what action needs to be taken, and schedule it. For example, let’s say your dream is to become healthier with less stress. Then you probably need to employ new morning rituals such as meditation, journaling, reading, practice gratitude, eat a balanced breakfast, etc. Maybe for career, you need to make some important calls, or send out some important emails, or write more. Schedule it so that you have non-negotiable actionable steps you can take each day.”

7. Imagine It.

“Use your imagination: I think visualization plus emotion is extremely powerful. Meaning, take time each day to visualize what it is that you want to achieve, but imagine it as if it has already happened and feel the emotions of having it in your life already. Connecting to feeling is key.”

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