You’re Going to Want to Get a Sauna Blanket in 2019

And other trends to look out for.

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Self-care has become a top priority in modern times, when we’re constantly inundated with ever-changing sources of stress, stimuli for anxiety, and things that, as a whole, can leave you feeling… off. For that reason, we’re finding ourselves drawn to an array of wellness products and rituals that tackle contemporary ailments.

But trends, of course, go in and out of fashion, so we can expect the trends of 2018 (cauliflower everything! meditation studios!) to make room for new innovations and revived practices that will be seriously big in 2019. That’s why we’ve tapped seven experts in the wellness sphere to lay out which movements, products, and activities will make a major impact on your own self-care in the New Year.

1. Healthy Fats

“Low-fat diets and calorie counting are very much a ’90s fad,” says Jessica Young, founder of Bubble. “With the growing popularity of diets such as Pegan, Paleo, and Keto and a consumer stress on product quality and transparency taking preference, we’re seeing a rise in popularity of good-for-you fats. High-fat diets are known to aid muscle growth, cognitive function and especially skin health.”

On Instagram, you’ll likely see this trend translate into a growing number of recipes for “fat balls”—AKA, snacks made with a few fat-rich ingredients like dates, nuts, and coconut—and in your local coffee shop, you could see an increased prevalence of bulletproof coffee and MCT oil.

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2. CBD Skincare

By now, you’ve heard of CBD’s benefits. We’ve even talked about them a bunch at Domino—and now, the once-controversial ingredient is getting even more of a spotlight. “Not only is CBD one of the strongest antioxidants in the world, but our skin absorbs the oil very easily,” explains Tara Foley, founder of Follain. “Our bodies actually have designated cell receptors for CBD and are able to use the ingredient really efficiently.”

Instead of just taking CBD oil orally for its calming benefits or topically for muscle relief, products formulated for your face can have a major anti-inflammatory effect, fighting against acne, psoriasis, and rosacea.

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3. Sauna Blankets

“With the surge of infrared saunas gaining popularity, the new trend I’m seeing is at-home sweating,” says Nicole Berrie, founder of Bonberi. “Whether it’s an infrared pod, tent, or blanket, these at-home DIY sweat lodges are definitely the next thing. They combat inflammation, reduce water retention, boost the immune system, and ease chronic pain.”

Admittedly, these blankets and tents do look a little silly, but they’re all about offering you convenience. Instead of cashing out to go to a spa, a one-time purchase can help you to sweat out all the bad stuff anytime you want from the comfort of your own home.

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4. Bodywork

Dr. Kristian H., founder of BLK+GRN—an online marketplace and community dedicated to promoting wellness solutions by and for black women—predicts an increased interest in bodywork: acupuncture, reiki, yoga, etc. “There will be a renewed focus on the connection between the mind and the body,” she says. This practice will also be tied into the idea of “surrender”—a topic that BLK+GRN will be addressing specifically in the New Year with the hashtag #ToxicFree2019.

“People can take advantage of bodywork and surrender by intertwining their everyday lives with their self-care routines,” she says. “Instead of slouching during your long commute, consider driving with a pillow. Rather than taking a social media detox, delete one social media platform permanently and replace it with the hobby you’ve always wanted to start for a renewed perspective. Every change counts.”

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5. Tonic Herbs

Over the past year, adaptogens emerged in the mainstream spotlight as health-boosting additions to smoothies, coffee, and more. In 2019, they’re only positioned to become bigger. “Adaptogenic herbs help our bodies find a state of balance and help us modulate the physical effects of stress. In other words, we all can benefit from them,” write CAP Beauty founders Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima Morisse. “Whether you’re sluggish or needing a dose of calm, these powerful herbs support your system. They elevate and soothe at once. And with a malty, nutty profile, they are delicious add-ins to teas or nut milks.”

Thanks to pre-blend mixes of herbs, you don’t have to do a ton of research on the benefits of specific adaptogens like ashwagandha or chaga—you can just pick whichever blend speaks to your specific needs.

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6. Over-the-Counter Supplements

Vitamins and supplements have been steadily growing in popularity, and by 2019, they’ll be poised to become an even greater force in the wellness world. “The supplements we’re seeing more of today aren’t going anywhere in 2019,” says Suzie Welsh, IVF and fertility nurse and founder and CEO of BINTO.

It’s all about taking care of yourself from the inside out and using preventative medicine first. More consumers are looking into the over-the-counter space as a way to keep and stay well. They just don’t want to wait for their doctor to write a prescription for something. People will continue to crave a safer and more natural way to take care of themselves.”

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7. Superfood Snacks

Snacktime is getting seriously healthy, thanks to some new developments on the convenience front. “A little planning goes a long way in staying healthy, so in 2019, arm yourself instead with one of the premade superfood and functional snacks that are flooding the market,” CAP Beauty’s Pamer and DiPrima Morisse write.

“We’ve always loved Moon Juice’s packaged snacks—think raw vegan crackers made mostly from vegetables, activated seeds and spicy dried mangos packed to go so you can take them anywhere,” they say. “Sakara, Magic Mix, and new brands like Dada are in the game too.”

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