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Cooking healthy dinners for yourself every night sounds great in theory, but the reality of work and scheduling is such that it’s not always in the cards. Which generally results in either eating out or grabbing whatever’s most convenient—neither of which is particularly great if you’re trying to establish a routine meal plan.

Enter: The Tovala, a multifunctional kitchen appliance being marketed as the “Keurig for food” that functions like a super high-tech Easy-Bake oven. Its innovative design allows the compact countertop machine to function as a broiler, an oven, a steamer, and toaster.

David Rabie, the founder of Tovala, told Business Insider that the company’s goal is to make fresh food easily available to everyone via a state-of-the-art appliance.

“The machine’s cooking technology has been used in really high-end commercial kitchens,” says Rabie. “We’re bringing that to consumers at an affordable price.”

The Tovala officially launched on July 11 and is available to purchase for $399; not exactly the first price point that comes to mind as “affordable”, but when you consider that it can replace four kitchen appliances and is basically the working person’s answer to quick, healthy eating, the price makes a little more sense. Plus, the company is offering a 180-day free trial during which customers can try and return the machine, risk-free.

There’s another aspect to the Tovala that might appeal to users even more: While people can of course create their own recipes, the company also has a subscription service that delivers three meals per week for one person ($36) or three meals per week for two people ($72). However, unlike preexisting meal subscription services, Tovala’s take requires absolutely zero prep work on the part of the consumer, as each meal arrives pre-seasoned and ready to cook.

Despite the fact that these little foil pods strongly resemble airplane food, Tovala’s meals are always fresh, sourced locally and organically where possible, and created by experienced chefs—a handful of which are Michelin-starred—for gourmet fast food you can feel good about eating. Seriously, each meal is between 400 and 800 calories.

Here’s how it works: Remove the lids from each foil pod, place the pod in the Tovala, and scan the barcode on the food’s packaging. The machine will find the recipe for the specific meal you’re making and send the cooking information to your phone. Then, simply follow the instructions to steam, bake, or broil your food. The whole thing only takes between 15-20 minutes.

According to Business Insider, whose team taste-tested some of Tovala’s creations, the food is actually good. One reviewer even commented that a sea bass dish “could have passed for something you would order in a restaurant.”

Choose from a variety of meals that suit your dietary requirements, such as curried turkey meatballs, sunflower satay tofu steak, and miso-glazed salmon.

You can pause, skip a week, or cancel your subscription at any time, and the only upkeep required by the machine is refilling its water tank. In other words, cooking healthy meals has never been easier.

Source: Business Insider

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