Published on August 26, 2015

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Photography by AMBER INTERIORS

Some trends stick around forever, others tend to bow out. With a powerful print like chevrons, it’s easy to both go a bit overboard, and get a bit tired after awhile. If your chevrons aren’t wowing the way they used to, peruse a few other options to bring fresh life to your cozy, comfortable crop. 

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Photography by bloglovin


Continue the summer vibes all year long with palm pillows. Inspired by the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel wallpaper, palm leaf pillows make your home feel like a retreat, even if you’re not near the water.

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Photography by the reformation


A typographic pillow is an easy way to make your home feel one-of-a-kind. Skip the cliche sayings and search for one you’ve never seen before.

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Photography by depeapa on flickr

modern + graphic

Go sleek with a clean pattern like this one. The sea foam color in this option softens up the harsher lines. 

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Photography by sfgirlbybay


These rugged landscape pillows look equally cool in a rustic or modern space. Mix one with solid pillows or let it stand alone in an armchair. 

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Photography by urban outfitters


We love the whimsical eyes on this pillow! If you go with a doodled pillow, choose only one and mix it with solids or subtle prints to let the illustration stand out.

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Photography by la maison d’anna g

splatter paint

Splatter painted pillows mix surprisingly well with a range of pillow patterns–from illustrated to striped. 

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Photography by concept by anna


Black and white looks effortlessly cool, and it’s easy to mix patterns if they’re all monochromatic.  

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Photography by calmachicha


Cowhide pillows add a unique touch to any space. Show them off in a contemporary, white room or mix them in with patterned pillows. 

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Photography by domaine home


Go geometric with a pattern of triangles or playful with a fun print like pineapples or cacti.

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Photography by AMBER INTERIORS

hues of blue

Over-dyed, indigo, deep blues add a rich depth to the surface they occupy. Pop in a lighter color or print if things are feeling too dark.