This Online Class Teaches You the Basics of Interior Design—For Only $147

You'll never need to hire a designer after this.

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Jessica McClendon of Glamour Nest might be an interior designer, but for her, the real importance behind a well put together home goes beyond just being able to take an aesthetically pleasing Instagram picture of your couch.

“When we were able to purchase our first home, I was in the third grade, and my mom made decorating my bedroom our first priority,” recalls McClendon. “I still remember that I chose stenciled roses for the walls, and a canopy bed with beautiful floral bedding. Falling asleep under that canopy bed changed how I felt about myself. I felt worthy, beautiful, and safe. To me, that is an extremely powerful transformation. It started from the outside, and worked its way to my heart.”

Through her work as a designer, she has helped several people experience that same transformative power of a carefully thought-out space—remember this 1,745-square-foot West LA renovation that completely changed the home?

Now, in an upcoming online course, she’s sharing her expertise with other people, in the hopes of giving them the tools they require in order to create a space reflective of their needs. Through a seven-step process that includes both video tutorials and worksheets, Thoughtful Nesting will equip users with the knowledge they need to tackle their specific home decorating projects.

“Not everyone can afford an interior designer who cares about the more ‘sentimental’ aspects of design, so I thought creating a virtual course that bridges the gap between free design content and traditional interior design was the answer,” says McClendon of the inspiration behind her latest venture. “Decorating the home is a very personal journey, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach or solution. “

The online course doesn’t officially launch until September 15, but signups are open now. The best part? Using a real designer to help fix your decorating woes might set you back around $2,000, but if you take advantage of early enrollment, you’ll only have to pay $147.

Using a mix of 18 worksheets and 24 videos (each under 10 minutes long), users will work through everything from defining their style and recognizing their needs to finally narrowing down a detailed plan for their space—one that will even include a shopping list and floor plan. The course includes useful technical info as well, and it will be accessible for life.

In other words, for $147, you’ll have a guide to every future renovation project you undertake. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on becoming a DIY designer and want to use the course as a sort of primer, or if you just want to have a better understanding of exactly what you want before you hire your own designer: This is still a useful tool to have in your back pocket (or on your desktop).

“There aren’t that many online interior design courses out there specifically for the client. Thoughtful Nesting is just that!” says McClendon. “It’s really even more so a self-discovery course that allows participants to get super clear on their style, giving them the confidence to embrace it.”

Want to learn more about this exciting new design service? Watch an introductory video here, and head over to Glamour Nest to take advantage of low, early pricing.

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