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If what’s missing from your house right now is a bit of springtime brightness, allow The Sill’s new collection to come to your rescue. Just when we most needed a mood booster, the retailer launched a line of ready-to-ship flowering plants; between the fuchsia anthuriums and the ultraviolet orchids, we can’t pick a favorite. 

The Blooming Collection includes 10 different types of potted flowers, each a lively color and available in a number of The Sill’s equally stylish planters. Pick up a petite orchid to lend your bathroom a dose of greenery—the plant thrives in humid environments. Or order a bright red anthurium to give any empty corner a tropical vibe.

After all, just because we might be unable to trek to the florist or local bodega at the moment doesn’t mean that those of us without gardens can’t enjoy a bit of plant-based happiness. Go ahead and treat yourself. 

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