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I’ve had a produce problem ever since I started grocery shopping for myself. A CSA share in college meant struggling to keep my corn on the cob and kohlrabi contained in a kitchen I shared with five other people, and a continued farmers’ market habit in the years since has meant bargaining for a little extra counter space. But a year ago, I made a purchase that finally kept all my fruits and vegetables in order.

When my simple wire fruit bowl continually became overrun with apples, potatoes, onions, avocados, and more—things I knew shouldn’t mingle that closely—I bought two stackable bins from Target’s in-house Made By Design label. With a double-decker solution, I could keep my starches separate from my fruits—a solution that lasted well until my shipping habits changed a month ago.

Produce bin
Open Front Stackable Basket White, Made By Design ($12)

Life in isolation has meant skipping my typical grocery runs—but it certainly hasn’t meant fewer fresh fruits and vegetables. Now I receive a weekly produce selection from local New York service Farm to People, as well as a bimonthly box from Misfits Market. Somehow, without leaving my apartment, I’ve amassed more produce than ever before. So I ordered another bin.

Now I have three tiers: potatoes in the bottom, all my alliums—onions and garlic and shallots—in the middle, and hand fruits like apples and oranges in the top. The setup might not be totally revolutionary, but it does make my small Brooklyn kitchen seem just a little more spacious. And for a total price of just $36, it’s a fix that feels almost like a magic trick. If only I had it in college to avoid any kohlrabi-inflicted roommate conflict. 

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