Published on August 20, 2015

If you’re not yet shopping Love.
Luck. Kisses & Cake, our studio tour
with Founder & Creative Director
Katelyn Wood is going to change
that. Starting as a blogger and later
expanding to a purveyor of simply
the cutest stationery & giftable
goods, Katelyn’s story is one to
inspire your inner entrepreneur, if
not your design cravings, too!

What inspired your studio

Having a happy workspace has always been
important to me & I have always believed that
you should surround yourself with beautiful
things, wonderful people & celebrate the
simple delights in everyday living. Just last
year I took the leap to follow my heart &
expanded my lifestyle Blog into a line of
American made stationery & giftable goods.
To celebrate I decided it was time to upgrade
my studio space to reflect my new creative

How does this space differ from what you’ve had in the past?

I have always had a creative space but never one this big or organized! It is so nice to finally have a room purely dedicated to my design work & I feel so lucky to have such a happy space to work in.

What makes you feel most productive here?

Everything is so organized! There is a place for everything & everything has its own place.

What was the biggest surprise in designing this space?

Having it all come together so well was a bit of surprise. I still can’t believe how great it all looks!

The biggest challenge?

The layout! It’s a fairly small room & I had to really think about the most efficient way to organize everything to meet my needs. I spent several months measuring everything out & picking out the perfect items to use in the space.

What is your favorite memory that you’ve made in this space?

So far my favorite memory in this space was when my niece came over to visit. She couldn’t stop eating cherries & her sweet tooth inspired me! We spent the afternoon getting crafty & made a fun Cheerful Cherry Wrapping Paper with the Color Block Wrap from my Shop. It was such a fun thing to do & my niece absolutely loved it!

What is one design element you’ve incorporated here that readers should try for themselves?

This space is really special to me because of all the little
things in it. I collect mementos that reflect my passions or
hold a special memory. Having items in your space that
really mean something to you makes it a place you want
to come to work in.