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Move over, PSL: Starbucks has just released a brand new drink—and it fits perfectly with the creepy vibes of Halloween. Available for only five days—from today through Halloween—this green, red, and pink monstrosity is aptly dubbed the “Zombie Frappuccino.”

So, what’s with the zombie theme, you ask? Well, after the wildly successful (albeit disgusting) Unicorn Frapp, Starbucks is obviously trying to make colorful concoctions its forte. This especially gruesome drink contains a green apple Frappuccino base for a Frankenstein-esque touch, dark mocha drizzle to resemble blood, and a millennial pink whipped cream topper—the brains, if you will.

And while it’s clear the Frapp is meant to be photographed rather than drunk (seriously, have you seen it?), we had to wonder what the drinkable dessert might taste like. Per Business Insider, the flavor is sickly sweet and fairly fruity—think an apple-flavored Airhead mixed with a chocolatey base and sweet caramel finish. With 70 grams of sugar in each Venti cup, it will undoubtedly give you a sugar high befitting of the season—and you probably shouldn’t be drinking the whole thing.

But as with every new Starbucks creation, that shouldn’t matter: You knew you were only buying it for your Instagram feed, anyway.

Source: Business InsiderEater

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