Photography by Brittany Ambridge Photography by Meghan McNeer

keep it bright

An ample source of natural light can do wonders for a space. Opt for a basic color palette to heighten the hues of unique decor elements.  

Photography by AMBER INTERIORS

play with patterns

Create depth by pairing prints with rich textures for a visually dynamic space. 

Here’s what you should know when it comes to decorating with patterns. 

Photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE Courtesy of Alexander & Co.

make it personal

Sentimental accents paired with nostalgic elements capture the charm of your space.


let loose

We’re giving you permission to keep it real. Keep the decor fluid and worry less about adhering to strict lines and edges. 

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

find the right angle

When capturing a shot, experiment with varying heights and angles to find the one that embodies the essence of the space.  

Photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE Photography by Anne Stroud; Design by Simone Haag

be generous with color

We’ll be the first to admit we can’t pass up on a whitewashed space, but an occasional burst of bright shades can only enhance a room’s decor.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

get organized

Consolidate all those little odds and ends, for a decluttered space that displays the best of your home. We’re all for a wall of properly-stocked baskets!

Photography by KELLI HALL

make the most of what you have

Don’t feel compelled to fill your home with random bits, just for the sake of having a “complete” space. We’d take a curated corner over an overfilled room any day!


achieve balance

While maintaining symmetry may seem appealing, forcing order within the decor can result in a soulless space. Decorate with pieces that complement one another for a simply intrinsic ambience.