fruit you can spray paint (OTHER THAN PINEAPPLES)

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okay, there are a few veggies, too.

produced & styled by ALYSSA CLOUGH  photography by  MICHAEL WILTBANK

Spray painting stuff is underratedly FUN, which is why it came as no surprise when painted pineapples started popping up on summer tablescapes—and trending on Instagram. And while the tropical fruit does look particularly striking when painted a metallic, neon, or pastel hue, we decided it was time to branch out. Read on for five out of the box fruits and veggies to spray paint and use as decor for your next dinner party.

A quick word of advice: Buy extras to eat! Nobody wants to consume a fruit or veggie doused in chemicals, but everyone will want to try your exotic decorations.

BABY ROMANESCO AND PURPLE CAULIFLOWER Who knew tiny heads of cauliflower (technically called “buttons”) could be so cute? Well, now you do. The spirals of the romanesco are particularly mesmerizing and look even even more intricately textured in person. Place these veggies in a small pot and use in lieu of succulents for an updated tablescape and feel free to slice these buttons (!!!) in half if you’re looking to for a variety of shapes.


RAMBUTAN The rambutan is definitely a lesser known tropical fruit, so your guests might not even know they’re edible! If you can get your hands on them, don’t worry about the price, they’re not super expensive. Picture an egglike fruit, but with a hard, hairy shell that looks like a prop out of a futuristic movie. A creative way to use these furry little fruits is as signs for the buffet table or place card holders at your table.


STARFRUIT The Carambola (if we’re going by the books) is just as fun to eat as it is to play with and take photos of—every modern entertainer’s dream! It looks like a wrapped burrito uncut, so make sure to allow time for the spray paint to dry, and cut however you like. We ultimately cut our starfruit in half, but our favorite idea is to cut chunks large enough to stand on their own and function as a place card holder. The juicy fruit varies in color from more lime to true yellow and even more orangey, so buy accordingly!


CHERRY TOMATOES (ON THE VINE) The tomatoes were unexpectedly the coolest looking of the bunch, in part because of the modern vibe (and vine!). Use small bunches of cherry tomatoes to accent a low, leafy tablescape. Another option is to go totally mod, opting for larger tomatoes on the vine and allowing them to be the main centerpiece against a bold, bright tablecloth and a few shiny accessories.


BABY PINEAPPLE We just couldn’t help ourselves! You have to agree, a baby pineapple is WAY cuter than a regular, old pineapple. Seriously, you can hold this guy in the palm of your hand! And it is for sure smaller than any drinking glass on your table. These babies are more expensive (around $20) and harder to find, but if you track them down, it will be totally worth it. We guarantee your guests will not be able to get over the adorableness—our office certainly couldn’t!

Alyssa Clough


Alyssa is a Brooklyn-based maximalist and vintage addict who is always on the hunt for something—a new piece of collage art, more plant babies, yet another ceramic vessel, you get the picture. Obsessions include bold accent walls, living a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle, and supporting female artists and makers. Find her on Instagram ignoring her phone’s screen time alerts.