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These days, any beauty solve is a merely aerosol spray away. Dry skin? There’s a very handy spray for that. Need an instant tan? Dear reader, there is a (really, really incredible and spotless) bronzer spray for that. Deodorant troubles bringing you down? Well, hey, worry not because there is a spray to keep you fresh-scented and dry.

But spray technology goes well beyond the basics in 2017. A spray hair mask? A spray foundation? Tell me more…


Just months after its launch, IGK’s Prenup Instant Spray Mask ($32) is a runaway success. And it’s the opposite of everything you considered to be standard in a hair mask.

That jar you have to clumsily open with wet hands and scoop out (am I the only one that gets a cup of water in there while scooping it out?) has been replaced with an aerosol spray so you can ditch that thick, heavy mask for a lightweight, micro-emulsion option. Oh, and “leave on for 10-20 minutes” has been updated with a mere 60 seconds.

The just launched Spray-To Mask ($46) by K Beauty brand Erborian is really exciting. A mask that exist in an spray format has never really hit the market with a lot of success. (Please comment though if I’m forgetting about one!) But this one is already a hit because it spritzes on in a gel-like mask for ultra moisturizing and calming benefits, with the simple ease of a few sprays. 


Temporary colorful hair is all but a few sprays away as well. Looking almost identical to a spray paint can, the IGK Girls Club Color Spray ($29) gives you instant, bold color in seconds, and washes out in the shower as quickly as it took to spray in. 


And your perfect skin is practically a few sprays away with Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation ($62). Airbrushed foundation has been a go-to for runways and celebrities for years, but the DIY aspect of it has usually involved clunky, expensive equipment. Well, no longer, my friend. Get the airbrushed look with a mist of velvety foundation, which sounds ambiguous, but trust us, you’ll glow.

Got minutes and hate painting on nail polish? You’re in luck, Nails Inc Spray Can Nail Polish ($12) no longer requires precision and an hour of drying. Simply spritz over a base coat and allow to dry before washing your hands to remove any excess color from the skin.


Need to fake a tan stat and on-the-go? Good news, Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Mist ($64) goes on in an ultra-light mist, mimicking airbrush makeup technology. The result is evenly bronzed skin that fakes a Hawaiian vacation in an instant.


Don’t let your spritzing end when highlighting comes along, Sephora Perfection Mist Nude Glow ($20) is infused with something they call “instablend pigment technology”, which basically delivers an even layer of subtle rose gold-colored on the cheekbones that doesn’t even need to be blended in. Win and (rose gold) win.

This story was originally published August 15, 2017. It was updated October 29, 2017.

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