Published on September 25, 2015

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Photography by

We want your photos on domino!

From social media updates to online shopping deals, our worlds are often bombarded with sensory overload; the bright and uplifting can get lost amongst the rest, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. Want to see your decor photos on So do we! To cultivate a community of like-minded décor fanatics (our hands are raised!) we’ve launched #SOdomino to showcase our favorite home décor images via Instagram. Join the party! Simply use the hashtag #SOdomino on decor posts you’d like to share (and tag @dominomag if you fancy!), and your photo will appear in the #SOdomino tab on our website. We may even feature a favorite from time-to-time, too!

Let’s recap:

1) Take a photo of décor, design, or inspiration you love.

2) Post it to Instagram with #SOdomino, and tag @dominomag.

3) Your photo will appear here, along with other incredible inspiration from the domino community!

Read on for a few photos that have already grabbed our attention.

Happy hashtaging!

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Photography by @citysage

@citysage: The stark contrast of peaceful linens against a sultry black accent wall makes this room an A+ in our book. 

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Photography by @cuttalossa

@cuttalossa: If we didn’t want to plan a trip to Joshua Tree before, we now do! Flairs of rustic wood, earthy cacti, and a southwestern throw set the tone for a desert-inspired space. 

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Photography by @diana_rodelo

@diana_rodelo: These bacon wrapped figs ARE next level. Crunchy basil salt and sweet honey glaze bring the perfect dose of savory and sweet.

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Photography by @elliepappas

@elliepappas: Sometimes swapping your all white sheets for micro-chevron ones bring the perfect, lived-in feel.  

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Photography by @everafterpress

@everafterpress: As temps start to drop, we’ll admit it, we’re missing the warmer weather. THIS peony image though, forever reminds us of balmy, summer nights. 

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Photography by @ginny_macdonald

@ginny_macdonald: This coffee table tray tho! Perfect pink tulips, rustic wood accents, and dainty details. 

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Photography by @hilaryrosewalker

@hilaryrosewalker: Betcha didn’t know navy walls make an all-white bed POP. Adding a textiled throw pillow helps, too. 

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Photography by @inspiredbycharm

@inspiredbycharm: This modern kitchen pays homage to the 50s with marbled pink countertops and barely-there pink cabinets—see, you don’t have to say bye to your favorite decade so fast. 

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Photography by @kdall070

@kdall070: This space boasts modernity with inviting luxury. Perfect for creating a family-friendly vibe without sacrificing style. 

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Photography by @keogh_habermann

@keogh_habermann: A vintage dresser, contemporary lamp, and mid-century chair pull together this room for a tasteful, provincial aesthetic.

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Photography by @kristina100lc

@kristina100lc: Subway tiles from floor to ceiling make your bathroom feel like you’re on vacation year ‘round. 

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Photography by @lindseycrafter

@lindseycrafter: See! A bold, magenta accent wall isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. 

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Photography by @meetsmallwonder

@meetsmallwonder: An impeccably styled chair means a sheepskin rug, vintage denim tossed atop, and delicate eyelet lace. 

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Photography by @melaniepace21

@melaniepace21: Don’t be scared! An electric blue (velvet) couch isn’t as aggressive as some may say. 

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Photography by @melodramablog

@melodramablog: Forget the bar cart—even if just for a minute!—and ponder creating a bar shelf… now you’re thinking. 

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Photography by @meneses75

@meneses75: Now THAT’s an interesting set up for a living room. Swap out a traditional couch for a backless one, style it with comfy pillows and a textured sheepskin throw, and you’re well on your way to creating a very personalized cabana-inspired space. 

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Photography by @monicawangphoto

@monicawangphoto: Fiddle leaf fig plants have our heart… always. But, that happy succulent atop the geometric side table brings life to this tranquil space.

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Photography by @ohidesignblog

@ohidesignblog: …If only all radiators could be adorned with a desert-plant family. 

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Photography by @palmbeachlately

@palmbeachlately: Regardless of the season, by decorating your bar with tropical plants and beachy prints, you can enjoy summer for the entirety of the year. (Even if only on your bar cart.) 

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Photography by @quentinandco

@quentinandco: Fresh blooms brighten up your life. (Contrasting them against a grey beehive backsplash helps, too.) 

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Photography by @richhippieshouse

@richhippieshouse: Dalmatian walls, bright light, and a beach cruiser chock full of fresh blooms makes us want to ride off into the sunset.

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Photography by @shophesby

@shophesby: Very, very tropical vibes ensue here. However, the hexagon table accents and textured sheepskin throw elevates this dining room amongst the rest. 

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Photography by @studiomcgee

@studiomcgee: Maybe it’s the reflection of the moody wallpaper or the gold accents against the white marble… but whatever it is, we’re SWOONING over this bathroom.

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Photography by @thestellabluegallery

@thestellabluegallery: Not all kitchens are created equal: Insert THIS space. By exposing dish ware, mixing metals, and incorporating life via succulents you’ve got yourself a lived-in space that boasts communal gatherings. 

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Photography by @valerielily

@valerielily: We’d like to think both male and female alike could agree on the décor in this photo. A leather pouf, earthy plants, and a mantra-to-live-by banner make this the perfect space for just about anyone.